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A Note From Villanova’s Resident Swift and Kelce Expert

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship has made headlines and garnered mass attenion.

There are some moments in life so impactful that one never forgets where they were when the news hit. I had one of these moments recently. I was in the car on my way to a Phillies game when I got the notification that Taylor Swift was at a Chiefs game eating a chicken tender with ketchup and ranch. 

This one simple tweet changed the entire trajectory of my life or, at least, the rest of my week. I have thought about nothing else this week besides my new royal couple. 

I have seen every Tweet, picture and video about Swift, the most listened to female artist on Spotify and my favorite person, and Travis Kelce, the best tight-end in the NFL and my second-favorite Kelce brother.

If you are not as obsessed with these people as I am, let me provide you with some backstory. This began when Kelce attended Swift’s Eras Tour show in Kansas City with a friendship bracelet and a dream. Unfortunately, the two were unable to meet, and Kelce was very vocal about his disappointment, both on Twitter and his podcast, “New Heights,” with his brother, Jason Kelce. 

Months later, the football season began, and sports commentators started making subtle references to Swift or her songs when talking about Kelce. Eventually, the references were no longer subtle, and Kelce confirmed that he had invited her to his upcoming game. 

This is how I ended up in the back seat of my dad’s car screaming about a football game for a team I barely cared about. I have seen every video from every angle. I have watched Swift chest bump the man next to her and cheer with Kelce’s mom, more affectionately known to her fans as “Mama Kelce.” 

I have watched Kelce look up at the suite and mouth “she’s right there” more times than I am willing to admit. Some might say I’m in far too deep, but I am perfectly content with my new obsession. As I said, when this all happened, I was on my way to a Phillies game. I am about as much of a Philly sports fan as a person can get.  

Just a few weeks ago, I cried watching Jason Kelce’s documentary, and I most certainly cried when the Phillies clinched their playoff spot last week. I have seen fellow Pennsylvania native, Swift, perform at Lincoln Financial Field (home of the Philadelphia Eagles) twice. 

Unfortunately, I was not at the show where she sang “Gold Rush,” a song with a reference to her real favorite football team with the line “my Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door,” but I know where her heart truly lies. 

While Jason Kelce is my favorite Kelce, and I only personally have love for Philly, I can accept Swift being with Travis Kelce, but only if Mama Kelce gets her a split Eagles/Chiefs jersey like the one she wore at Super Bowl LVII.  

Clearly, I am very invested on both sides of this story, but most people feel strongly about only one side, which is why this story has been taking over the news this week. Did Swift put Kelce’s name on the map, or is she only doing this to expand her own fanbase? 

Is Kelce just as bad as some of the players Swift has been with in the past, or is he just trying to cash in on some of the success of the Eras Tour? 

Freshman Aidan Sears had something to say from the football side of things. He claimed that “[cameras] panned to Taylor Swift so often it seemed to become more important than the game.” This opinion has been shared by many football fans since the game on Sunday.  

However, Sears also acknowledged that “it’s bringing somewhat of a new market to football,” seeing as Kelce jersey sales have gone up 400% just this week.  

As for the Swiftie side of things, freshman Fatima Salman “had no idea who Travis Kelce was before this week.” All she knows about the Kansas City Chiefs is that “their colors are red because Taylor was wearing red.” With this being said, Salman hopes that “what’s his name, Travis Kelce?” will be a better boyfriend than her previous few.  

As a Swiftie and a football fan, I think this is the best thing to ever happen. This relationship has taken over my entire life, and I am not at all complaining. I will be tuning in to every upcoming “New Heights “episode and streaming every song Swift has, not that that is anything new for me, but I welcome all the new fans to both fandoms. 

If you ever have questions, please feel free to ask Villanova’s resident Swift and Kelce family expert, yours truly.  

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