University Hosts Annual Admitted Students’ Day


Olivia Gordon/ Villanovan Photography

Students and parents celebrating on admitted students’ day.

Arden West, Co-News Editor

This past Saturday, April 15th, Villanova University hosted Admitted Students Day for the 2027 admitted class, and at the forefront of the event was Blue Key. Villanova’s Blue Key is an organization on campus that works to create a positive admissions experience for prospective students and their families that accurately represents the core values of Villanova University: Veritas, Unitas and Caritas. Members interacted with prospective families and provided them with an everyday representation of Villanova, while continuing to reflect the University in all aspects.


Welcoming all of the newest accepted students, members of Blue Key were energized early, and their excitement was reflected onto the new students who came through the Spirit Line, beginning at 7:45 a.m.


Freshman Marissa Schrade recounted her first experience at Admitted Students Day being on the other side of the experience.


“Being a part of Blue Key is a full circle moment to show prospective students what makes Villanova so special,” she said. “Admitted Students Day has to be one of my favorite days of the year and being able to show students interested in Villanova all that we have to offer and have them see for themselves the love everyone has for the school is an experience like no other.”


Schrade explained how her schedule began at 5:30 a.m. working on the balloons crew until she rejoined the greater Blue Key group around 6:30 a.m. for check-in and a breakfast together. For the rest of the morning, everyone had the same schedule and got to welcome students as they arrived on campus. 


“It was so exciting to spend time with the students throughout the day and to see how excited they were to meet everyone, especially coming through the Spirit Line in the morning,” Blue Key member Mia Setrakian said. “It was so fulfilling to show everyone why I chose ‘Nova and why I am so happy with my own decision.”


Midway through the day, Blue Key transitioned into what they are best known for: tours. While hundreds of people explored campus following members of Blue Key, other students were attending academic presentations or exploring the involvement fair. 


At the involvement fair, admitted students walked around Cafe Nova and interacted with current Villanovans. They had the opportunity to see what students are passionate about and dedicate their time to, and were able to consider what activities they can picture themselves in next fall.


Blue Key coordinated a chaotic schedule filled with simultaneous events such as booths, information desks, tours and specific events like first year frenzy and campus compass.


To make all of this possible, Blue Key worked tirelessly to organize the event. 


“Admitted Students Day is one of the biggest events that we have all year at Villanova,” sophomore Madison McGuire said. “It doubles the population on campus with parents and students and results in an extra [4,000-5,000] people on campus. The day is full of fun activities and festivities that we really have to work together to organize, which is what everyone in Blue Key does to make the day run as smoothly as possible.


“Blue Key is the heart and soul of admitted students day. Every year I am amazed at how seamlessly the whole day goes and how hard the organization works to make it all run so smoothly. I was so excited that my second year participating was even better than the first.”