Kendall’s Column: Seniors Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

Kendall Hayes, Culture Columnist

This past Friday marked a holiday that many Villanovans hold close to their hearts: St. Patrick’s Day. Villanova University posted to its Instagram on Friday morning, wishing its followers a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” while simultaneously reminding its followers of the school’s Irish roots. To refresh everyone’s memories, back in 1842, Villanova University was founded by Irish Augustinians, making Villanova students even more eager to celebrate. 

The Villanovan did some research to see how Villanova seniors celebrated this favorite holiday. Since this is a student publication sponsored by the University, I will keep all of the celebration stories PG, but, to my surprise, many seniors celebrated the holiday in creative ways. 

Villanova senior Catherine Kemnitz explained how she celebrated the Irish holiday. Since Catherine was young, she has had the same St. Patrick’s Day traditions with her family, and being hundreds of miles from home has yet to change that. 

“My mom’s birthday is [on] St. Patrick’s Day, and every year we make Irish soda bread together and then drink tea out of this old Irish teapot she has,” Kemnitz said. 

Kemnitz was at her college house in Bryn Mawr on St. Patrick’s Day, so her mother mailed her some Irish soda bread, and a box of fancy teas. Then, her whole family went on a Zoom call at 8 a.m. to celebrate and enjoy the holiday together. 

After that Zoom call, Kemnitz returned to her slumber and a few hours later continued to celebrate the holiday in the way a 22-year-old Irish college student does: at an Irish bar with friends. 

“It’s been really nice with all the chaos and potential change of senior year to do something consistent with my family,” Kemnitz explained. “Sharing a simple, traditional meal with my family was a great start to my St Patrick’s Day.”

Other Villanova students celebrated the holiday in more non-traditional ways. 

Gracie Abrams, an up-and-coming, 23-year-old artist was performing her “Good Riddance” tour at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia on St. Patrick’s Day at 8 p.m.

Although Abrams is a pop artist, her music, despite being incredibly beautiful, does not exactly give the similar upbeat vibe of Irish Descendants’ “Rattlin Bog.” 

Villanova senior Anna O’Keefe discussed the Friday evening she spent with her friend to see Abrams perform.

“Instead of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in a traditional manner, I opted to see one of my favorite artists, Gracie Abrams, with a close friend,” O’Keefe said. “While my evening may have been spent with indie music rather than bagpipes and Irish tunes, it was an amazing night nonetheless.” 

In a more traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebration, dozens of Villanova seniors made their way into Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon to partake in ticketed “bar crawls,” spanning all across different bars in Philadelphia. 

Although Villanova, Pennsylvania’s no Dublin, Ireland, Villanovans still found spirited ways to celebrate the Irish holiday. 

You might be asking yourself how I celebrated the holiday, but, unfortunately, that is something you are not lucky enough to hear.