What’s in the Stars for You: February Horoscopes


Courtest of "purewow.com"

Want to know what’s in store for you this month? Check out your February horoscope.

Chloe Miller and Emma Cahill, Co-Culture Editors

Valentine’s day is around the corner and the stars are aligning for love, friendship and surprise. Star signs may not know all, but they surely know some. Curious as to what the Valentines week ahead has in store? 

Aries: Slow down, Aries! You’ve been running around, falling victim to the chaos of daily life. Whether it’s friends, classes, jobs, clubs, or the stress of the upcoming Valentine’s day, you’re being pulled in every direction. Make sure to take some time for yourself, or else you’ll end up fizzling out. Identify your top priorities, and stick to them. It’s hard for you to find balance, but don’t throw yourself at every opportunity you may find. 

  Taurus: Feeling unsure about what to do? You’ve been faced with many pressing questions, and you just can’t seem to find the answer. The solution to your dilemma is staring you in the face– Don’t think harder, think differently. A new perspective will change the course of the coming future….

Gemini: You’re on a roll. Everything seems to be going your way and you feel on top of the world. In the midst of all this excitement, keep a close eye for new opportunities around you. While you might feel satisfied with how things are going, never forget there’s always new opportunities around the corner, just waiting to be discovered. 

Cancer: February love is in the air, and on the prowl for you, Cancer. Pay attention to who’s around you— a secret admirer is in your presence. Stay alert, and keep an eye out for this individual, it might not be who you expect… A surprise, to say the least. Don’t let this come as a shock to you; embrace the new and don’t feel afraid to be open to this opportunity. 

Leo: Even in this winter chill, you’re still in the warm spotlight. With all eyes on you, you’re feeling a lot of pressure. This spotlight might even be blinding you. Despite your extroverted nature, remember that it is okay to step back from being the center of attention from time to time. Rather than pushing yourself forward, put yourself first and prioritize your well-being; lest you get burnt out from the ever bright spotlight… 

Virgo: Let it go, Virgo. You’ve been holding so much baggage that it’s weighing you down. No matter how long you deliberate over those failures and sorrows, the past is the past. Nothing can change until you lighten your load. Make way for a new future, and free yourself from your regrets. Then, you will be on the path to success 

Libra: You’re spending too much time inside your head. Take a step back from structured thinking. Quality time spent with a friend or family member is what you crave right now. Unleash your true self and take a step back from the stressors of everyday life. Time to relax will bring you the clarity that you need. 

Scorpio: Now is a good time to make changes in your life. You are feeling empowered and open to new opportunities. Pave a better path for your future. Your energy is being split between too many parties. Decide who is providing benefit to your life and be strict. Don’t waste your energy on those who do not deserve it. 

Sagittarius: You’re feeling good right now. Your determination is paying off, but don’t let that focus draw you away from opportunities that may appear suddenly. When opportunity calls, be the one to answer. It will pay off in the end for you. You will be asked important questions soon. Stick with your guns. Be courageous and face uncertainty head on. 

Capricorn: There’s a fork in the road in front of you. While your heart may be pulling you one way, the moons urge you to think differently about the situations at hand. Now is time for change and looking at the relationships and situations around you with a different perspective. This will find you peace. 

Aquarius: You might be spending too much time socially right now and solidarity is what you need. With that time alone you will find solidarity with the situations that have been causing your turmoil. Space is necessary for you to thrive. Then, focus on filling other people’s cups. In your time alone, stop worrying about those around you. Take time to forget the past and move forward afresh. 

Pisces: Recently you have been trying too hard to attract what you feel will fulfill you. Lay down your sword and let it come to you. The time is now for the universe to bring you what you wish. All you have to do is wait. Keep your communication with those around you open and give those around you the benefit of the doubt. Stop fighting with others and what is meant to be.

Go into Valentine’s Day with a strong sense of worth and love.