Student Perspectives: Back to School after Break


Gabi Frank/ Villanovan Photography

A South Campus sunset welcomes students back after winter break.

Emily Attisano, Staff Writer

As students move to campus for the spring semester, the excitement of new classes makes the chilly Villanova air more bearable. Although the first days of the semester were gray, each building on campus feels like a cozy escape from the cold. The hominess of students filling up the library or finding their new favorite spot in Connelly makes the campus feel indescribably warm. Now, as the buzz of the new semester dies down, a peaceful lull settles over Villanova. Students finalize their schedules while meticulously calculating the latest possible moment they can leave for their 8:30am classes. Campus in the winter is uniquely beautiful, and so are the endless possibilities of the spring semester. 


With the end of the first week of classes, students shared their thoughts on the spring semester and the end of winter break. 


A junior accounting major, Harnoor Sekhon, shared her bittersweet feelings about the new semester and returning to campus. 


“I am always really sad to leave my family when coming back to campus, but I am excited to see my friends again, and I am also looking forward to some of the classes I am taking this semester,” she said.


Maahika Naheta, a junior in the business school, echoed Harnoor’s thoughts.


“I love being at home and relaxing for a bit, but I also have a lot of fun on campus, so I am excited about that,” Naheta said.


From basketball games and the Winter Formal to seeing the trees bloom again in the Spring, the new semester brings so many exciting things. Students were asked what they look forward to the most during the spring semester. 


Julia Mastino, a senior comprehensive science major, shared her excitement for graduation. 


“After so many years, I am really excited about finally graduating and maybe traveling or starting work,” said Mastino. “Just seeing my hard work pay off is something I am really looking forward to this semester.” 


A junior in the nursing school, Sally Ketterer, conveyed her anticipation for warm weather. “I love sitting under the trees on West [Campus], doing homework or just people watching with my friends,” said Ketterer. “So [I] definitely [love] Villanova during the warm weather.”


Despite the anxiety of starting new classes, the optimism and excitement for the spring semester seems endless as more students continue to share their positive thoughts and enthusiasm to be back at Villanova after the break. 


“I’m happy to be back on campus as I am excited for my classes this semester, to see all of my friends and to go on fun trips,” said Laurel Lancaster, a junior political science major. 


Skylar Musick, a junior English and communications double major, mirrored Laurel’s sentiments. 


“The semester has been busy already, but it’s been full of exciting new classes and professors, and amazing memories with friends,” said Musick. “I’m looking forward to the Winter Gala, as that will be a night for the entire Villanova community to relax and have fun together.”


However, for some students, the spring semester holds equal parts nerves and excitement. Diorys Savinon, a junior marketing and business analytics major, shared how new classes can feel both overwhelming and exciting. 


“While I am happy to be back, I miss relaxing during break and dread some of the upcoming work and exams, but I am looking forward to seeing friends and going to basketball games,” Savinon said.


Ultimately, these students perfectly capture the sense of excitement but also nervousness that has settled over campus since the start of the spring semester. With so many events, classes and even simple days to look forward to, it seems as though this semester will be incredibly exciting.