Best Christmas Decorations On Campus


Isabella Ledet

The Riley Ellipse is filled with Christmas lights this year.

Isabella Ledet, Staff Writer

Though the holiday season has just begun, Villanova has been setting up its festive decor since before Thanksgiving break. What amazed me as a freshman last year was the sheer volume of Christmas decorations that the University displayed in every building. It really got me into the Christmas spirit.

This year, I was coming in with high expectations, especially in the Christmas tree department. I was about to shock the world by giving the Christmas tree in the lobby of the Saint Augustine Center my top bid, but it is so much smaller and less spectacular than last year that I could not help but gasp when I walked into SAC on Nov. 29. In addition, the impressively large tree in the upper lobby of the Connelly Center is nowhere to be found this year. Whenever I would walk into Conn last year during the holiday season, that impressive tree was there to greet me. Now, the only way I even know it is the holiday season is because of the Christmas tunes playing over the speaker system.

Despite the fact that some notable pines are missing, the University still has plenty of other Christmas decorations all over campus. Without further ado, here are the University’s best holiday decorations in my humble, Christmas-fanatic opinion.

Number five: The Exchange in Bartley Hall. The exchange not only has an adorable Christmas tree displayed, but it also has garlands and little Christmas nick-nacks all over the place. The beautiful decorations have caught my eye even though I always seem to be hurrying somewhere else when I am walking past the exchange.

Number four: The SAC Stairs. Though the tree is not as impressive as last year, the beautiful pine garland wrapping its way around the SAC stairs is still wonderful to behold. The garlands match the tree and cast a warm light from the heart of SAC. I still find this beautiful. I only wish the large tree that was there last year could make a triumphant return.

Number three: The Grotto. The Grotto is always beautiful, but during the Christmas season, it gets completely revamped. The Grotto is set up into a giant nativity scene with beautiful twinkling lights. The indirect lighting combined with the lights of the nativity scene make the grotto even more peaceful and beautiful than it is all year round.

Number two: The Tree, Specifically with the Blue Lights, Outside of Corr Hall. This tree is magnificent. The motion of the blue lights make it feel like it really is a piece of wintery nature. I cannot help but stare at the tree in awe every time I pass by.

Number one, the best Christmas spectacle on campus: The Riley Ellipse as a whole. I know this is the most basic answer, but something about all of the twinkling lights and all of the colors make the Ellipse feel like the epitome of holiday cheer. The giant tree in the center compliments the wreaths on the lampposts and the blue of the icicle lights in the big tree. The red and green indirect lighting on the twinkling trees is so festive. I love the colors and the light. Every time I am walking on campus in the dark during the holidays, I always look forward to passing by the Ellipse because it makes me smile.

Since I am an avid Christmas enthusiast, I am grateful that the University puts so much time and effort into putting up such beautiful holiday decorations. Even if there are not as many Christmas trees as there were last year, there is still a considerable holiday cheer that is brought to campus at this time of year. The decorations make my day feel more festive, and they take away from some of the stress that the end of the semester brings.