Syllabi and Star Signs: Back to School Horoscopes


Edit Courtesy of Elena Rouse

What are the stars saying about your semester?

Elena Rouse, Co-Culture Editor

Aries: Welcome back, Aries. This semester, you’re clear- eyed and crisp- minded. Keep your shoulders back, eyes forward and spirit full of zeal. You know what you want, even if you don’t have all the details mapped out. No matter what, this semester is all about trusting your instincts and not letting anyone tell you otherwise.

Taurus: Overwhelmed already? Though the year has just begun, you seem to already feel the pressure of life’s maze. Before you get too overpowered by the circumstances, take a breath. Life wasn’t meant to be lived and sorted out all at once. Take it each moment at a time and know that every step along the way is exactly where you’re meant to be.

Gemini: You’re on the move. Here, there and everywhere, you’re making every second of every day count. Admirable, surely, and your spontaneity is notable, but make sure you’re not running yourself ragged. Take time for yourself, and don’t forget to tell the people you love as much. Don’t let the craziness of life make you forget to do the little things.  

Cancer: Good things aren’t signs that bad ones are coming. You are experiencing happiness and you can’t help but wonder if life is going to come crashing into you at any moment. Life is always full of ups and downs, but it isn’t your responsibility to predict what comes next. Do yourself a favor and stop looking for the future storm cloud and look up towards the sunshine. It is the only way to get a full face of light.  

Leo: It’s all about relationships for you, Leo, cultivating them and putting them first. This year, you’re going to find you’re drawn to new people and experiences. It’s time to break free of the regular routine and embrace these potential new relationships. You are on the precipice of meeting some of the best people yet and having the greatest laughs. Be open to all of it. 

Virgo: Embarking on a new journey, you may be feeling the growing pains. It’s natural to feel unsteady on your feet as you get used to your life changing, no matter how right or ready you are. Know that you’re about to hit your stride, and everything that felt like a misstep will be worth it. Get ready, because the stars will light the way soon. 

Libra: Choices. Choices. Choices. Since when does life have all these options? How can you pick? The good thing is, there isn’t any rush, and there’s no wrong answer. The right path will come to you when it’s time, and it won’t come with a question mark. Trust the process and lean into the unknown, you’ll need to embrace it before anything is answered.

Scorpio: Timing is everything, and this time things feel a little off for you. What you don’t realize is that the timing isn’t off –– what you think you want is. Stop searching for what will never be, and start embracing what is right here and now. The sooner you do, the faster you will realize that you’ve been blind to what’s right there and yours for the taking. 

Sagittarius: Saying goodbye can be hard, but it’s necessary. This year, you have to get rid of the demons that have been holding you back because you have ended up in the same cycle for long enough. Both you and the universe know what you are capable of, but it will only happen when you finally say no to the toxic negativity that keeps rummaging around in your everyday life. 

Capricorn: You might be thinking that no one gets it. Your experience and feelings are getting wrapped up into one painfully unique box that no one can seem to unwrap. Though it might feel like you’re a little misunderstood and more than a little frustrated, remember that no one is ever truly alone. You have the resources and people in your life to help you, you just have to be creative about where you find them. Once you are, you will see how fruitful your endeavors truly are. 

Aquarius: It is the year to let loose. No more overthinking for you. This time around, when an opportunity arises, jump on it, and do not, under any circumstances, second guess yourself. You are fiercely in the running for so many things, you just have to get out of your own head.

Pisces: This season, the word you’ll find most healing is “acceptance.” Of yourself, circumstances and what is and is not quite what you thought. Though you will be facing surprises, both good and yes, intensely disappointing, the proper response is not anything that involves the words “what if.” Remember that you are enough, and whatever it is that you face, you can handle it. Accept!