Club Swim to Hold Flip Cup Relay to Fight Cancer


Courtesy of Villanova Club Swim

Villanova Club Swim will hold its Flip Cup Relay on Sunday, Apr. 24.

Julia O'Keefe, Staff Writer

On Sunday, Apr. 24, Villanova Club Swimming will be hosting a flip cup relay competition to fundraise for Swim Across America. Since 1987, SAA has hosted charity swims across the country to raise money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment. Villanova Club Swimming partners with the organization annually, individually fundraising and concluding fundraising efforts with a charity lap-a-thon. This year, the team is looking to get the entire campus involved by hosting a flip cup relay event. All funds raised will go to SAA and its efforts to fight cancer. 

Club Swimming’s philanthropy chair Leah Prischak is in charge of organizing the event. She spoke about what SAA means to her and the greater swimming community. 

“SAA is the perfect representation of what swimming means to everyone,” Prischak said. “To be a swimmer is to be part of a unique community that is truly built upon lifting each other up and strengthening one another. It’s an unspoken commitment to being part of something larger than just yourself, in this case the fight against cancer. SAA is committed to using this community as a vessel to fundraising to support cancer research, this year specifically pancreatic.”

The team has already seen success in fundraising efforts, bumping its initial goal of $3,000 to $6,000 after raising $3,000 in just over three weeks. It is more than $1,000 short of its increased goal and hopes the Villanova community’s involvement will push it beyond the $6,000 mark. 

“So far in our fundraising, we are really close to hitting our goal based on team efforts, but we are so excited to get the Villanova community involved and really get things going,” Prischak said. “Every little bit helps, and I think it’s a great opportunity to touch even more lives with other students’ help. We are hoping that this fundraiser will give SAA the attention it deserves and shine a light on what an amazing organization it is.”

Students can enter flip cup relay teams to compete in the pool alongside club swim team members and support their efforts. The race will begin when one swimmer from each team swims a single lap, only finishing when they successfully flip a red solo cup at the opposite end. The second swimmer can only dive in once the cup is flipped, and they will then do the same. Once the final swimmer successfully flips the last cup, the race is over and the winner is declared. Most Club Swim meets include this event in the lineup, and the Villanova team always enters swimmers to join in on the fun. 

“It’s a blast to participate in and really changes the atmosphere of a traditional swim meet,” Prischak said. “It also is something that many [college students] have experience with.” 

In an attempt to appeal to the larger student body, Club Swim decided the flip cup relay would be the perfect way to attract participants and encourage a larger group to support such an important cause. It is expected to be an exciting and competitive event that brings students together, uniting them around a common goal: fighting cancer. 

Prischak and the entire Club Swim team are hoping this event renders a combination of team spirit, competition and philanthropy. Their goal is to get many organizations and independent student teams involved and in the pool. All proceeds raised from team entries will be donated to SAA. 

“We are hoping that this event is just a celebration of teamwork and an electric environment where people can come compete, have fun and help a great organization at the same time,” Prischak said. 

Those looking to get involved should click the link in the @nova_club_swim Instagram bio. Fill out your team name, participants’ names, and list the student organization you are affiliated with if applicable. Venmo @novaclubswim $8 and be ready to show up at the pool in a suit on Sunday, April 24 at 10:30 a.m. Spectators are welcome and are encouraged to leave a donation to SAA at the door. Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers, and no prior swimming experience is required to participate in the event. 

Villanova Club Swimming is well on its way to reaching its final fundraising goal, but it needs the community’s help to really blow its goal out of the water. With campus enthusiasm, support, and competitive attitude, students can come together to participate in the event and help Villanova Club Swimming “make waves” to fight cancer.