Campus Mourns After Final Four Loss


Courtesy of Olivia Pasquale/Villanovan Photography

Students mourned the end of the ‘Cats season.

Sarah Wisniewski, Co-News Editor

University students experienced a true Final Four weekend filled with game watches, excitement, heartbreak and most of all, increased police presence. 


According to CBS3, more than 10,000 fans were expected to be in the area of the University’s campus. In preparation for what could have been joyous celebrations, the Radnor Township Police Department collaborated with about a dozen other police departments, as well as Public Safety. 


In 2016 and 2018, police were presented with the challenge of subduing large, sometimes rowdy crowds. Due to past experiences, the department chose to grease the traffic poles on Lancaster Avenue. The Radnor Police Department also alerted residents of potential road closures and traffic detours. 


“On Saturday, Apr. 2, 2022, the Villanova University Men’s Basketball Team will be playing in the NCAA Final Four Tournament,” the RPD Instagram read. “There will be increased police presence in and around the Villanova University Campus and along Lancaster Avenue into the late evening hours on Saturday… Neighbors of the University should note, the Villanova Stadium lights will remain on until the commencement of all events for safety purposes.” 


Due to the team’s loss, activities were limited following the game. Many students retreated back to their dorms or apartments. Students could be seen leaving the game watch in the Finneran Pavilion with their heads down and overheard listing all opportunities the men’s team had to win. Not surprisingly, many students were discussing the impact of Justin Moore’s injury while leaving the game watch. 


Freshmen were excited to experience the excitement of March Madness but upset with the outcome. 


“Walking out of the Finn, there were a lot of sad faces,” said freshman Ava Towers. “It was hard for people to be proud of the team because we were expecting a huge celebration after the game. Lots of people just chilled in their dorm rooms after. I think the worst part was the DJ playing “See You Again” at the end of the game. He could not read the room.


Students who traveled to New Orleans for the game echoed this feeling. They sulked out of Ceasar’s Superdome as UNC fans refilled the student section. 


“It was a tough loss, especially after making it this far,” said sophomore Victoria Dattilo. “I don’t regret making the trip to Nola, but it would have been amazing if we’d won!”


Some students initially planned to watch the UNC-Duke game that followed, but after a disappointing ending for the ‘Cats, the inclination to attend the game of the century faded.


“After 15 minutes, I was no longer interested,” said sophomore Regan McEnroe. “It was a game I was originally excited to watch, but after we lost, I just wanted to get out of there.”


The streets of New Orleans were scattered with Villanova fans Saturday night, who appeared to be congregating in similar establishments. Conversations mumbled words of disappointment. There was, however, an overall feeling of gratitude and appreciation for an amazing basketball team.