VST Takes On 2021 BroadwayWorld Regional Awards


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Villanova Student Theatre performed “You Can’t Take It With You” in March 2021.

Bailey Quinn, Staff Writer

After two years of a pandemic, one would think that the ‘unprecedented times’ that continue to punctuate every email and cancel every in-person performance would discourage students from taking part in a performance no one will see in the flesh. However, this was not the case for Villanova Student Theatre. This January, the BroadwayWorld Regional 2021 Awards for Philadelphia, PA were released, and the passion and success of Villanova students are evident in the results. Villanova Student Theatre won awards in three categories.

The Broadway World Regional 2021 Awards recognize productions throughout the country that held their first performance between Oct. 1, 2020 through Sept. 30, 2021.

“The BroadwayWorld Regional Awards are the largest theater audience awards, with over 100 cities worldwide participating,” according to the Broadway World website. 

This year was unique, as streaming productions were eligible in specific categories catering specifically to streaming performances. The Villanova Student Theatre productions thrived under this jurisdiction, with its Fall 2020 production “Pride & Prejudice” and its Spring 2021 production “You Can’t Take It With You,” both having been streamed for audiences. 

Villanova Student Theatre received the following nominations: Best Streaming Play (“Pride & Prejudice” and “You Can’t Take It With You”), Best Performer in a Streaming Play (Emily Monaco and Hannah Packard), Best Direction of a Stream (Grace Metzger and Kylie Horan) and Best Supporting Performer in a Streaming Play (Ryan Wolfe, Cristian Rodriguez, Daniel Gorman, Mason Olshavsky and Haseeb Waseem). Rodriguez was also nominated for Best Performer in a Musical, for a performance in another production outside of Villanova Student Theatre. 

Villanova Student Theatre won Best Streaming Play for “Pride & Prejudice,” Emily Monaco won Best Performer In A Streaming Play for her performance in “Pride & Prejudice” and Ryan Wolfe won Best Supporting Performer in A Streaming Play for his performance in “Pride & Prejudice.”

The large number of nominations and awards given are certainly something to behold, especially as we reflect on the past year of Zoom classes and fluctuating numbers on the Villanova COVID-19 Dashboard, a familiar experience as we begin this new semester. Even in the midst of uncertainty and Zoom fatigue, it is easy to see how much good has come out of the pandemic. 

“Watching the cast and crew of these performances not only come together to create something beautiful, but also be recognized for all of their hard work is the best part of being a part of this program, and I am so grateful to witness these people in their element,” said a VU sophomore, who wished to remain anonymous. 

Villanova Student Theatre has begun putting together the Spring 2022 production of “Romeo and Juliet.” In addition, Villanova Student Musical Theatre has begun to hold musicals again, and has begun production of its winter show “Assassins,” and the spring show “Carousel” is on the horizon. For more information and updates on ongoing and upcoming shows, you can check out @vstheatre and @novavsmt on Instagram.