Response to morning-after pill article

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To the Editor:

The false argument advanced by the author of Morning after pill should maintain prescription status has a long and lethal history. The morning-after pill (MAP) is marketed as an emergency contraceptive that will, up to 72 hours after intercourse, prevent conception. Indeed, the author echoes the MAP ads when he writes “the morning-after pill prevents three key parts of conception”; which he lists as 1) preventing ovulation 2) stopping fertilization 3) preventing implantation.

Contraception, as classically understood, was any device that prevented the beginning of a new human life; which is exactly what modern users believe the morning-after pill does. This is a fatal flaw. Science shows that human life begins at fertilization – when the sperm and the egg unite to form an entirely new being with an utterly unique DNA code, first called an embryo and then a zygote.

As such any destruction of the zygote after fertilization is an early abortion, a killing of a (very small) human person. Yet this is exactly what the MAP does, it prevents the zygote from implanting in the wall of the uterus; which in turn destroys the new human being. MAP users beware of the murderous chemical cocktail you are digesting!


Mattei Radu ’03President, Villanovans for Life