SGA implements new programs

Carmen Ruiz-Castaneda

SafeRides, a student Bill of Rights and creating a chairperson for commuter concerns are among the many promises the Holland-Sabo administration is attempting to achieve.

In the past few weeks, SGA began researching a SafeRides program that would provide a student-run taxi service to bring students home on the weekends from off-campus parties. “We are exploring the avenue of students helping students to create a safer environment,” sophomore Teresa Allegretta, SGA executive board member, said.

Allegretta proposed the initiative after the police break-up of an off-campus party in which students had no means of transportation except their own two feet. “Kids were walking home on [Rte.] 476,” junior Lauren Geaney, SGA treasurer, said. “It’s dangerous.”

However, the program is still a work in progress. Advisor Tom Mogan, stated that SGA must look at similar programs at other universities and find out their challenges and successes. Allegretta is currently consulting with Public Safety and investigating liability issues.

Another pressing issue for SGA is student rights and making changes to the existing Student Bill of Rights. A committee has been formed to evaluate the current Student Bill of Rights that was passed by the University Senate in 1976. Junior T.J. Falbo, chairperson of the Bill of Rights committee, says the current document lacks clarity. “It looks like a token and an appeasement to the students,” Falbo said. “A bill of rights should be functional.”

Article Two of the Student Bill of Rights states that students are entitled to a “reasonable personal privacy.” However, that statement is qualified by an endnote that says unannounced searches can be performed if there is suspicion of a dangerous situation or a violation of University policy. Students can voice their opinions and concerns about the Student Bill of Rights on the SGA website. The committee will be looking at other university student bills of rights and drafting an amendment to be presented to the University Senate later this year.

In addition, the SGA executive board recently created a new position on the board to address the needs of commuters at the request of Campus Activities Team. The Chairperson for Commuter Concerns has not yet been selected.

The finals of the two-ball shoot-out competition, a co-ed shooting contest that began on Wednesday, will be held today at Hoops Mania. The teams of two, one male and one female, will be competing for two round-trip tickets to Miami to watch the men’s basketball team, the Canes, play on Feb. 8.

In addition, the freshman formal, sponsored by SGA, the Inter-Hall Council, and CAT will be held Nov. 8 in Donahue Hall. The free event will be open to all freshmen.

Furthermore, the Dining Services chairpersons are currently working on obtaining kosher meat in one or more of the dining halls. The meat would be prepared by an off-campus vendor and delivered to the dining halls.