Hey Filter, nice shot

Brad Hudson

Filter’s new album “The Amalgamut” may be a step back in time for the band from Chicago. But this may be a step in the right direction. The album draws sounds from both their debut record, “Short Bus” and their more recent platinum release, “Title Of Record.” “The Amalgamut” has that same melodramatic sound from such radio hits as “Take A Picture,” but also incorporates the harsh, driving beat from the first CD. The first single released from “The Amalgamut” named “Where Do We Go From Here,” has gotten wide radio play.

In keeping with Filter’s need to prolong songs, “Where Do We Go From Here” could be a good minute and a half shorter, but that is not Filter’s style. They do not play to any specific group or crowd. Many things can be said to criticize the band, but it is not a typical “sellout” band. They have stuck with their sound the entire way.

“Short Bus” was like most bands’ first encounter with a recording studio — rough around the edges, but with heart. Title of Record can be compared to Incubus’s transition from “SCIENCE” to “Make Yourself.” The beat slowed and the lyrics were rather depressing. Filter frontman Richard Patrick was quoted “…‘Title of Record’ came out of the darkest and most painful period of my life … This time it’s a totally different scenario.” Calling “The Amalgamut” upbeat might be pushing it, but if you like the older style of Filter, this CD would be a nice addition to your collection.