Thinking on your feet

Jenny Dwoskin

Are you sick and tired of all those stuffy “societies” and “associations” that overrun our campus? Well, you’re in luck. Thanks to ambitious sophomore Jim Angiola, a new group has been added to the ‘Nova campus activities venue: Villanova Improv.

You may be thinking, “Sounds like some kind of collegiate knockoff of “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” Not really, according to Angiola, president of Villanova Improv.

“Despite the name, Villanova Improv is more than just improvisational comedy,” Angiola says, “It’s all types of comedy — sketch comedy, stand-up — it deals with humor in general.”

Humor is the key word, as it is the only requirement for membership in the group. Don’t think you’re funny enough? Can’t act to save your life? You’ll never know if you don’t make an attempt. Why not let others be the judge of that?

“The problem with starting a comedy group is that a lot of students are fearful of not being able to think on the spot, or not being able to carry off a line,” Vice President J.P. Aaron assures. “But, stage fright can be overcome with practice.” Like any art form, comedy is multi-faceted, which makes it particularly accommodating to a multi-faceted student body. Got a good fist? Why not dabble in a bit of sketch-writing, you know, SNL-style? Think you can give Chris Rock a run for his money? Then, present some of your side-wrenching material at the next meeting.

“What I like most about Villanova Improv is the variety,” Angiola says. “You see the slap-stick in the improv, the satire in the sketches, and a whole lot of it all in the stand-up. It caters to all audiences.”

The debut show is scheduled for April 12 and will be held in the Belle Air Terrace. The line-up consists of a few audience-interactive improv games, Villanova-based sketches and some stand-up, as well as a few surprises. What’s more, it’s not too late to join the cast or writing team — just show up at the next meeting. Villanova Improv is presently sending out a search party for the sarcastic, the vulgar, the witty, the farcical — it’s covering all bases. So unleash those talents, untame that imagination and be a part of Villanova Improv!

Interested students can e-mail [email protected] for more information.