Physical changes only the beginning for health center

Lindsay Shoff

After the health center’s physical makeover last semester, its program structure is now being revamped as administrators work to create the Center for Health and Wellness.

Health center Director Cathy Lovecchio said, “Basically, Villanova saw the need for a more comprehensive educational program related to health and wellness issues … This new center provides education and resources to students on all different topics.  Most of the topics are ones that directly affect college students, i.e. alcohol and drugs, sexual assault, eating disorders, relationship issues, et-cetera.”

The group of students formerly called Peers Offering Wellness, Education and Resources is now split up into two groups, Peers Advocating Substance Safety and Sexual Offense Support. SOS was formed last semester, and members were recently trained in the Poconos over winter break.

“I just felt that an increase in knowledge and awareness on this issue was needed, especially because statistically one in four college women will have an attempted or completed sexual assault against them,” Lovecchio said.

She also discussed the importance of educating students on alcohol, noting, “[Alcohol] is involved in the majority of the sexual assaults on college campuses, so when we educate about alcohol we discuss the negative consequences, sexual assault being one of them.”

SOS, together with PASS, will present a program entitled “Let’s Party” to all freshman residence halls this semester.

Sophomore Stephanie Doyle, a member of SOS as well as PASS, said, “We want to develop new programs to address the needs of Villanova’s campus.

“So far we have planned an awareness week for later in the semester.”

The week will be planned in conjunction with a national organization called “Take Back the Night.” Additionally, two male students from SOS will be designing a presentation of their own, giving information and tips from a male perspective.