Women Slam Hoyas

Anne Boyd

The women’s basketball team left the court proud after their 19th win Wednesday night against Georgetown, making its record 19-4. Georgetown head coach Patrick Knapp, on the other hand, was not pleased with his team’s 51-37 loss to the Wildcats in the Pavilion. All he could say after the game was “we should have beat them.” Wednesday’s game locks up the ’Cats place in the NCAA tournament according to head coach Henry Perretta.

The first half of the game started off slow. The first basket was not until three minutes into the game when Trish Juhline shot for two. On the other side of the court, from the start ’Nova’s powerful defense prevented the Hoyas from scoring until six minutes in making the score 5-2. After Georgetown’s first basket, the Wildcats came right back with a three pointer from Davis. With 11 minutes left in the half, ’Nova continued to increase its lead, until Georgetown got a power kick and tied the game 14-14 with nine minutes left. Seconds later, Juhline stole the ball and put it up for two getting the lead back for Villanova.

However, despite the calls of “attack” coming from Perretta on the sidelines, the women could not hold on to lead. ’Nova left the court at halftime down by two with a score of 21-23.

A different ’Nova team came out for the second half. The first thing the ’Cats did was get the ball to Davis who put up a three pointer to start the half off strong. Seconds later, Druckenmiller put up a three, followed by a steal by Davis who took a fast break for a layup at the other end. “The two three’s right off really helped,” Perretta said.

By the 12 minute mark the score ’Nova had control with a six point lead. “We played as hard as we could. Perretta said. “As far as the shots go, you can only take them and hope they go in.” Davis also commented on shooting performance. “The shot was there, I was open, and I was taking them.” This game marked her eighth 20 point game of the year.

Villanova continued with the strong defense and kept Georgetown at 35 points for six minutes. With about 50 seconds left and the shot clock counting down, Juhline swished one in for two as she dove face first onto the court. The Wildcats kept the lead for the rest of the game, and left the Hoyas in the dust with a final score of 51-37.

“Everything we do is based on timing and working together.” Perretta said, summing up the game. “The second half of the game we had that under control.”

Seniors Davis and Juhline finished with 21 and 14 points, respectively, leading the game in scoring. Afterwards Knapp commented on the strength of ’Nova’s senior duo. “I will be very happy to see the Villanova seniors go,” Knapp said. “They well together.”

Courtney Mix finished the game with 12 rebounds and Davis finished with six. Druckenmiller and Jennifer Hildgenberg both finished with six points. Next up for the ’Cats is Virginia Tech, away, Feb. 22.