SGA, It Takes More Than Hard Work

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When voting time came around last year I was left in a confused state. I heard the platforms of all the candidates, but how was I to know who would actually step up to the plate and act on their promises. To tell you the truth I do not remember who I voted for because no one really impressed me and showed that they had what it takes.

As this year rolled around I did not even know who was in office. Granted, I was not asking around, but I want officers who will make their presence known. This would take someone who is not only willing to work hard, but has the enthusiasm and social skills to get to know what the student body really wants. Many of the qualities of a good President and Vice President are not even qualities you can aquire, you just have to be born with that ability to lead.

I am happy, actually I am exstatic to say that I have found two people with such natural talents. If you want to have an SGA staff that goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis for no other reason than it is ingrained in their spirit I urge you to vote Nestor and Tim! These guys are hardworking, fun, and approachable. I can’t think of a better pair to represent the students of Villanova and take care of our best interests.