Poli Sci honor society hosts first debate event

Jill Brower

Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honor society, in conjunction with the Student Government Association Arts Senators, recently held a student-faculty debate on current issues. The event marked the organization’s first step in becoming an “active chapter for the first time,” according to senior Ryan Costella, Pi Sigma Alpha’s vice president of public relations.

The debate included Dr. Karyn Hollis of the English department, Dr. Robert Maranto of the political science department, the society’s adviser, Kathy Overturf of Campus Ministry, junior Christina Kochanowski and senior Matt Hinker. Costella acted as mediator.

Hinker, Pi Sigma Alpha’s president, said that this would be the first of many events sponsored by the organization. “We are trying to light a candle and hope to turn it into a torch down the way,” he said.

The debate, “Around the V,” simulated ESPN’s “Around the Horn” program, and featured the participants seated at tables in a V formation.

Topics ranged from the country’s current political situation to the University’s stance on academics and diversity.

Much of the debate also echoed issues being discussed on the new web log for University students, BlogaNova, recently established by Costella and Hollis.

“The two are linked in the sense that we are trying to stir the pot and get people to voice their opinions,” Costella said.

The event’s most heated discussions included the upcoming presidential election, the war in Iraq and the right-to-life debate. “We went in there to find weapons of mass destruction, which we didn’t do, and find Saddam Hussein, which we did, so why are we there now?” Overturf said of the war.

The participants also discussed how students can make a difference in the world, agreeing that getting involved in the government is key.