Cheatin’ Soccer Mom rocks out

Dan Scrima

As far as new talent and upcoming bands are concerned, there should be only one focus, Cheatin’ Soccer Mom. The four-piece band from Rockland County, N. Y., has taken the northeast by storm, as well as shower a couple of drops in Europe.

The band formed in 2000 with Paul Gebbia (vocals), AJ Fasano (bass) and Mike Rincon (drums). In 2003, they added Chris Antonecchia (guitar/vocals), when a former guitarist wouldn’t make the trip to Europe. Overall, the quartet mixes a blend of rock, punk and ska that remains memorable, not only for its amazing feel, but for its energy, message and passion.

Their debut album, “Got Milf?” was released online in January 2003 through and met great success. Some of the songs include “Confession,” “Milk Carton” and “Silicone.”

However, the record that has been driving the nation crazy is their self-titled EP. Released in May 2004, it includes such songs as “Brand New Beginnings,” “No Family,” “Battle in My Mind” and “Tragedy,” which has aired on New York’s Z-100 “Morning Zoo.” With these songs in mind, it’s obvious that they are the real deal, and will be huge in very little time.

This past summer, Cheatin’ Soccer Mom was invited to the Coventry Youth Festival in the UK. While there, they rocked out to much success and in turn were welcomed with open arms.

Upon returning to the United States, the band played in the Brick Yard’s Rock Wars in Hartford, Conn., an event that eventually ended with them taking home first place.

Recently, Cheatin’ Soccer Mom has been collecting fans while booking bigger and better shows by the dozen. Their invitation to Warped Tour 2004 helped, when they toured the entire east coast with many of punk rock’s reigning groups. “We love what we do,” front-man Gebbia said. “It’s really refreshing to write and play the music we love and rock out with so many different people.”

If you want to check out the band, you might want to catch a show soon, because after listening to their CDs, it should become clear that they will not be restricted to the East Coast for long.

Soon a major label will pick them up and you’ll be listening to them on the radio. Though they have hit some college stations already, it is just the start for Cheatin’ Soccer Mom.