The Real World Philly: Episode Nine

Nick Sampogna

Even though Tuesday was Election Day (and you all voted I’m sure), “The Real World” was still on, and I know that you all watched it.

Okay, I was actually kidding, because I hope that some of you avid readers watched this important election. But reality TV is just as important as any election (well, almost; hey, both are still reality television).

In either case, I thought that this week’s episode was ironic because both Landon and Shavonda claim to not like each other, they are leading parallel lives.

Shavonda talked to Shaun on the phone and they are still close as friends.

However, while innocently checking his e-mail to see if he had gotten an e-card she sent him, Shavonda uncovered that Shaun had been lying to her, and had planned a trip to visit his ex-girlfriend, Jenny, in Texas.

When she called him on the apparent lie, Shaun is essentially unable to compete with Shavonda’s anger, and things get pretty heated. And, of course a commercial break came right when Shavonda slammed the phone down and hung up on Shaun.

Landon, on the other hand, after a conversation with Sarah, gets a phone message saying that Becky (his ex-girlfriend of a relationship that lasted seven years) was in town because of a flight delay from Paris. Naturally, Landon meets up with her and her friend and they hit up the Philly club scene.

“Glam” proves to be a fun time for Landon and Becky, who seem to still be as close as they ever were.

However, an unforeseen drunkenly sick friend spoiled the night, and the three ended up back at the house.

Landon speaks of how he can not believe Becky was so callous towards her friend, who probably could have used a trip to the hospital.

I could not help but see the parallels in their situations, and I assume many of you would agree with me. I felt bad for Landon, though, because he did seem specifically hurt by the events of the evening, and had a big confessional about how people come in and out of our lives, but certain people you can never get over.

It was so vastly different from Shavonda’s response, which was completely understandable, because for a person with whom trust is so important, something like that could ruin a relationship.

Next week seems to be even more of a turn around for these two, as clips of Landon and an unknown girl do some canoodling (to put it lightly) in the hot tub and the shower.

Sounds like things are heating up in the house; and no, I don’t just mean the water. Stay tuned.

‘Nova Students Speak Out

“Shavonda and Landon’s individual problems of the episode will probably bring them together in the future. Yay!” -Matt McGoldrick, sophomore