The Real World: Episode Fourteen

Nick Sampogna

Here we go; finals are approaching and everything is coming down to the wire. But here on “The Real World,” things are just heating up. That’s right, my friends, I said it.

This week, Karamo got a little more open about his new relationship with Dorian. However, before we can even get a glimpse into it, Karamo is already talking about how he isn’t completely feeling the situation, nor is he completely feeling Dorian.

When Dorian comes over to go out with Karamo and the roommates, Karamo fakes a headache, and decides to stay home. In actuality, Karamo and Willie leave a short time later to go to out to a club – shady actions kids. Unfortunately for Karamo, Dorian made his way back to the house to check on Karamo after going out with Landon, MJ and some friends and could not help but notice that Karamo was nowhere to be found.

A phone call and subsequent meeting between Dorian and Karamo proved sour for their ambiguous relationship, and after a few choice phrases (you know, the *bleeps* we all hear), Karamo walked away and headed back toward the house, abandoning Dorian and possibly the relationship.

Karamo also met with his ex-girlfriend, Brie, and the two friends got to catch up on their lives and their relationships. Karamo had not seen her for nearly two years, and was happy they could get together and hang out.

In other events, Sarah had to come to terms with her mom’s lymphoma, and her fears of seeing someone she loves so much suffering. For starters, she seemed very contentious with her sister on the phone, sounding almost disappointed to hear the family was driving through Philly for the night. With some re-scheduling, Sarah was able to go out to dinner with her family.

Minus a rather blunt eating-disorder question from her sister, and general discomfort with her mom’s sickness, Sarah made it through the dinner. Back at the house, however, she broke down. Sarah said that she feels like she has no control: no control over her mom’s sickness and no control over anything, which she has said in the past led to her eating disorder and other body-image problems.

Now, nobody get too upset, but the “Real World” will not air for the next three weeks. As MTV said, it’s taking a break after showing some racy clips of what is in store for our roommates. Stay tuned until 2005, when the roommates go on their vacation, and things hit the ceiling with the roommates and Melanie. ‘Nova Students Speak Out

“If I were Sarah, and my mom had cancer and was in town visiting, I would be grateful enough to be able to spend time with her than to act like I didn’t want to see her.” -Cristina Stella, sophomore

“Sarah needs to think about someone other than herself, because her mom is going through something much bigger than she is.” -Joe Hawkins, freshman