Explore affordable spring break destinations

Lauren Curmi

Spring Break seems to be the topic dominating students’ conversations recently. With the countdown of practically only one month till midterms are over, last minute vacationers are desperately trying to find places to go.

The typical trips such as Cancun, the Bahamas and Jamaica still seem to dominate the scene. The Oasis hotel in Cancun is sure to be filled to the brim with Villanova students and other college kids desperately trying to escape the cold winter blues with some sizzling Mexican sun. Many opt to stay at the Sandals resort in the Bahamas along with other all-inclusive resorts such as Breezes and Club Med.

However, if you are not booked and are still debating whether or not you should dig into your wallet, you better get a move on.

If you’re not looking for the typical debauchery, there do exist havens that are not filled with drunken, screaming college kids. There is indeed a sunny beach out there for each one of us.

A quieter vacation area, Puerto Rico offers beautiful beaches and a laid back atmosphere. If you leave on Mar. 5 out of JFK airport in New York at 9:30 p.m., a flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico on Jet Blue would cost only $75 each way. The Lazy Parrot Inn in Rincon, located only a half mile from the beach, costs only $94 a night. The Hotel Excelsior, located in San Juan, is known for its fantastic dining and costs a mere $109.43 a night.

Another more local beach option is Florida. Jet Blue runs flights out of JFK airport to West Palm Beach for less than $80 each way. In West Palm, La Quinta Inn, located only six miles from the airport, goes for an average rate of $85.53 a night. In Miami, a room at the Golden Sands Beach Resort with an oceanfront view costs $85.36 a night. If you could get a hotel with a bunch of friends that’s not too hefty a price for some savored beach time.

Cruises are another less conventional option. Spending your days out at sea can also be pretty affordable. Carnival Cruises offers a four night cruise of the Western Caribbean for $469 during our break. Also, the Royal Caribbean offers a seven night cruise of the Western Caribbean for $649. Keep in mind, you still need to pay for a flight to their port of departure. If you are truly low on cash but are determined to go somewhere, there are great slopes and lodges available in Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont. If you want to get away you better start making some plans.

For the rest of us, sunny days of lounging on the beach with a margarita in hand are not far off. Chug along through the rest of February’s cold winter days dreaming about your little piece of heaven starting on March 4.