Real World Episode Twenty-Three

Nick Sampogna

Hey there, TV fans, it’s your trusty “Real World: Philly” weekly update. I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day weekend, and the day itself. Over on the ‘Real World,’ things continued to get interesting this week, with some roommates exploring their relationships amongst themselves and with others.

Let’s begin with the increasing tensions between the roommates and Karamo, who seems to be reverting back to his original ways in the house (when he separated himself from others and let tensions increase).

After a conversation with Sarah, it seems that Karamo just likes the drama and mischief he can cause between people, but it develops later on that he likes to be a jokester and make people believe one thing, but he’s not serious. Seemingly sketchy, Karamo knows he needs to take action and re-establish that kinship he initially shared with his roommates, especially Landon and MJ.

Willie, on the other hand, began to explore his relationship with Dan (who we all may have forgotten about, but who is not out of the picture) as well as exploring the fun side of Philly. He meets a guy named Neil, whom he and Sarah immediately find attractive, and the guys hit it off and even go out to dinner one night. Sarah sees nothing beyond physicality between Neil and Willie but will support her friend regardless. Unfortunately, when Dan makes another visit to Philly to see Willie, things get tense with Neil, who did not fully understand the situation between Willie and Dan. In the end, Willie decides that playing the field might not be the healthiest thing for him, and being new to dating multiple people can be hard and challenging to manage.

Landon and Karamo also have a discussion about the problems from Fiji, including the infamous “joke-threats” to hurt Landon. Karamo explains it’s his nature to joke around like that, and that he would not harm Landon. The episode ends with something different for this season: a friendly dodgeball game between all the roommates.

Next week, there is a huge hint that things might be a little problematic between supposed good friends Landon and MJ. It seems that all our “Real World-ers” are having roommate issues. Stay tuned.

‘Nova Students Speak Out

“I think we can all learn from Willie that playing field has its benefits, and its consequences.” Matt McGoldrick, sophomore

“I am glad to see that Karamo is letting go of his anger a bit, and beginning to become friendlier. It is refreshing to see the roommates happy and having fun together, especially playing dodgeball!” Carissa Morency, sophomore

“Karamo and Landon (and all the roommates) need to communicate to work out their issues, it’s the only way to understand each other.” Joe Hawkins, freshman