Snow Patrol is still on fire

Katherine Roth

With so much focus on the returns of musicians that have not been around in a while – Pink, LL Cool J, Mary J Blige – one cannot forget the alternative band Snow Patrol. After their 2004 release “Final Straw,” Snow Patrol’s much awaited fourth album is going to be released in the first week of May. “Eyes Open” is in classic Snow Patrol fashion with songs of every tempo and mood.

The album opens up with “You’re All I Have,” which is upbeat and an unspoken letter to a person in their lives, while still remaining beautifully written. “You’re cinematic razor sharp/ A welcome arrow through the heart/Under your skin feels like home/Electric shocks on aching bones.”

It’s hard to have just one favorite on the album when one can love just about every song. “Chasing Cars” is a remarkable track as well. Like any good song by this band and any other, I think the lyrics are open to multiple interpretations, but for me the song reminds me of those lazy summer evenings where you feel as if you could live that single solitary moment forever.

Other great tracks that will hopefully become singles include “Open Your Eyes,” “Make This Go On Forever” and “Set Fire to the Third Bar.” “Eyes Open” will be released on May 4, 2006.