Milkboy creates a buzz

Stephen Iatesta

Studying all the time here at Villanova can be boring and tiresome, and students are usually trapped in their dorm rooms trying to find something exciting to do.  Milkboy Coffee, located at 2 Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore, promises entertainment of all kinds to students in the local area.  

Milkboy Coffee is a unique coffeehouse that offers a relaxed environment for people to enjoy coffee and fine homemade desserts.  Jamie, the owner of the coffeehouse, said, “The purpose of what we are doing is trying to give young individuals and anyone else an opportunity to express themselves through live entertainment.”  

He further explains the range of entertainment the coffeehouse has to offer: Tuesday night is open mic night, Fridays are a mix with live comedy and short film presentations.  Milkboy Coffee also does productions of short films, poetic readings, singing, live bands and other artistic exhibitions.  

Jamie first decided to pursue his music career by building a recording studio in Ardmore.  He later decided to promote his music to the public by building a coffeehouse and, in addition, providing a place where people could display their own talents. Although the coffeehouse is mostly recognized for being an entertainment experience, Jamie said, ” [It is] a place not just to be creative and have ideas about the arts, but also a place to engage in social activity.”   

Within the first month of the coffeehouse’s debut, the place has had quite a few customers.  “It is interesting how people become so involved with us,” said Jamie.  He has already encountered college students from Cabrini College coming to the coffeehouse as a place to hang out, as well as college professors who grade their papers there.  

Jamie continues to write music in connection with an advertisement agency in New York.  He wrote music for a Scott Tissue commercial and is involved with trying to perfect the audio in movies.   

Jamie hopes that more people can produce their own type of entertainment.  The coffeehouse is opened to hear new ideas, possibly Xbox tournaments as Jamie suggested, and expects everyone to enjoy a relaxing and safe time.