The ‘Vocal Minority’ on campus

Christine Guerrini

Of the two male a cappella groups on campus, Vocal Minority is newer. However, the young age of the group is not reflected in its performances. Since its formation in the spring of 2003, Vocal Minority has grown tremendously.

“The guys wanted an outside outlet, other than just Singers [Villanova’s all-male choir],” member Nick Sampogna says.

Now a group of 15, VM is geared toward entertainment and fun. With an array of song sets, ranging from the Jackson 5 to Sublime, there is something for everyone. Some of the group’s songs, like “Happy Together” by The Turtles, include comical skits.

“We always like to surprise the crowd,” Ray Madden says. “We just want everyone to have a good time.”

“We’re all about the music,” Dan McFadden adds.

The group’s passion certainly shows. Whichever song the guys sing, their performances are full of energy; the entire group moves with the music. Students on campus have come to know and love the approachable and comical side of Vocal Minority.

Under the direction of President of Operations Madden, Musical Director Matt Mendes and Director of Promotions Dave McFadden, Vocal Minority works hard throughout the week during rehearsals.

As they gear up for Acappellapalooza, the group is quiet about song choices.

“We want it to keep it a secret until the performance,” Mendes says.

Whether the songs are old or new, the crowd will not be disappointed. Vocal Minority blends music with fun.

In addition to the big performance in March, Vocal Minority plans to have an end-of-semester concert as well as perform with other a cappella groups.