Celebrity gossip for the new year

Lauren Curmi

Hollywood rings in the new year with an abundance of sizzling romances and rumored breakups. The highly publicized split between Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz has been further complicated with rumors about Justin’s connection to Scarlett Johansson. US Weekly reported that Cameron’s jealous ways as well as the age gap tore their relationship apart. Suddenly, Johansson has been added to the mix. The 22-year-old actress was recently picked to star in one of his music videos, and anticipation surrounds their impending romance.

Sadly, US Weekly reported that Drew Barrymore and rocker Fabrizio Moretti have gone their separate ways. Their four-year relationship has had many ups and downs, but inside sources say they have broken up before, so there may be a reunion in time.

While Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have enjoyed a blissful relationship for some time now, Jessica Simpson has recently darted into the spotlight. Her developing romance with John Mayer has been splashed all over the gossip columns.

People showed pictures of the young couple in Miami on Friday. Has Jessica finally found happiness? I tend to think this one will be short-lived.

Britney Spears, who has made an appearance in every major weekly magazine since the birth of her second child and recent split from Kevin Federline, has a new love interest. Her actor/model boyfriend Isaac Cohen has reportedly aroused her interest in lingerie, according to People. She was recently spotted purchasing a sexy pajama set for Valentine’s Day. Britney has been trying desperately to return to her old partying ways, but her inability to keep up has been seen in recent photographs of her looking tired and run down. She needs to find a balance between motherhood and a social life.

Jenna Elfman from “Dharma & Greg” is expecting her first child with husband actor Bodhi Elfman. They have enjoyed marital bliss for 16 years and eagerly anticipate the new addition to their family.

Tara Conner, Miss USA, told People that she is “a completely different person” since she went through rehab. She has admitted to having an addictive personality and to suffering from alcoholism. She recently turned 21 on Dec. 18. Let’s hope she can control her partying addiction.

On a funnier note, Ivanka Trump recently told People that she loves her dad’s hair. She is standing by her father’s overly-analyzed tresses despite constant media criticism.

That’s it for celebrity gossip this week. May we all keep our celebrity gossip addiction in check. Good luck, Tara Conner, in fighting your partying demons too!