A busy day in the life of sorority presidents

Katherine Roth

You all know about the Greek letters branded on the sweatshirts, T-shirts and bags of girls as they walk to class. However, what you don’t know is the responsibility that comes with being the president of any sorority chapter on Villanova’s campus. Junior Lauren Saltzburg has that responsibility for the Delta Gamma chapter. Saltzburg is a nursing major and is also minoring in business. She plans to attend medical school, so she is currently getting all the prerequisites out of the way. Despite all her academic commitments, Satzburg realized how important her Greek life commitment was to her.”I knew I wanted to be Delta Gamma’s president at the end of last spring’s semester,” Saltzburg says. “The more involved I got, the more I realized I would like to be a leader for the sorority. Some planning that was required of my then-fundraising position had to be done over the summer, which I didn’t mind doing at all.”Saltzburg participates in Campus Ministry, College Republicans and intramural basketball. She volunteers a lot of her time to Special Olympics and Relay for Life. She has attended the SEARCH retreat and a mission trip to New Mexico. Saltzburg also attends Sunday night Mass after the weekly chapter meeting. Saltzburg has many responsibilities on her plate in holding that position. She makes sure that all of the directors have handed in required forms, papers and event requirements on time and in advance. Saltzburg also acts as a liaison from Delta Gamma’s Villanova chapter, Zeta Alpha, to the group’s advisors as well as to other sororities and fraternities on campus. “I am in constant contact with the Greek Life office as well as our executive headquarters,” Satzburg says. Saltzburg is also in charge of running Delta Gamma’s Executive Board and chapter meetings. Therefore, it is necessary that she be knowledgeable about the by-laws and policies of the chapter because she remains the go-to person when anyone has any questions or problems. What’s a usual day in the life of a Delta Gamma president? “A typical day automatically consists of numerous, numerous emails,” Saltzburg says. “I get roughly 25 e-mails a day just relating to Delta Gamma.” “I usually start by waking up early for class then going to the Office of Greek Life to check the mail or see if forms were handed in, etc. I’ll go to class again and try to get some studying done or go to the gym, but there’s always something going on, and I’m usually caught on the phone confirming this or that with the members or the advisors.” Like to Saltzburg, Pi Beta Phi’s President Casey Dolan takes on many responsibilities to make sure her chapter runs smoothly. Dolan understands that through correspondence with other sorority presidents, such as Saltzburg, her duties as president can be somewhat alleviated. “It is an extremely important position because I am a representative of such a wonderful group of women,” Dolan says. “I also have the ability to work very closely with other presidents which is great. I love getting to know the other men and women in my position because we can always help each other out.” Not only is Dolan serving as an executive representative for Pi Beta Phi, she also represents Greek life at Villanova as a whole. Although both Saltzburg and Dolan dedicate countless hours to their sororities, they both find time to devote toward other important activities on campus as well. “My position is extremely time consuming, but I absolutely love it, and it’s so worth it because I am working for an organization in which I truly believe,” Dolan says. “I definitely have time for other activities on campus as I am a member of the Special Olympics Fall Festival Committee and P.O.W.E.R.” Deciding to run for a president of a sorority is a decision not to be taken lightly, which Dolan realized before taking the position. “It was definitely a big decision to apply for the executive board,” Dolan says. “I wanted to apply for a leadership role because that would increase my involvement in the organization and also give me the chance to dedicate my time to something I value so highly.”