SuperNovas are out of this world

Erica Dolson

The familiar pop and alternative rock sounds of Ben Folds, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder can be heard echoing through the halls of St. Mary’s three times each week. It’s not the famous artists rehearsing for a show, however. Rather, it is the student-run a cappella group, the SuperNovas.

Not only is this 13-member ensemble the only co-ed a cappella group on campus, “We’re the most fun,” sophomore SuperNova Topher Wright says.

After a strenuous audition at the start of this semester, the group welcomed three new members. SuperNovas hopefuls were required to sing a personal selection for the audition, and, if called back, were taught a SuperNovas song to perform. Wright, along with the rest of the SuperNovas, was involved in the decision process.

“The new members are all really fun,” he says.

The same goes for the SuperNovas as a group.

“You definitely look forward to going to practice,” Wright says, emphasizing that each rehearsal is enjoyable.

Even the performances are laidback and amusing. Wright recalls a performance close to Christmas in which all the members sang in elf hats; one bass even wore a Santa suit.

In addition to their practices and performances, the SuperNovas recently finished recording a CD. The album will highlight the songs the SuperNovas performed during the ’05-’06 school year and will be released in the coming months.

The SuperNovas perform two to three times each semester. Their next performance will be at Villanova’s Acappellapalooza in March.