‘Nova Gossip

Tina Lamsback

WARNING: Spring break has come and gone … frown face, I know! However, when I was trying to collect info this past Sunday, before press, I celled a sassy source, who unfortunately did not answer, but texted later on in the day. The texts read as follows:Sassy Lady: Just waking up after the best week of my life, my dear! Call you later alligator!Me: Fab! Any hot SB news for your fav gossip gal?Sassy Lady: What happens on spring break stays on spring break, silly goose!Me: O come on! Not even a little tidbit?!

Well clearly, the sassy spring breaker was not having any of this gossip session! However, do you think that was going to stop me? Please, I think not! Remember, keep it on the TL! XOXO, ‘Nova’s fav gossip gal!

“Ballin'”The fat lady has sung and the 411 is in! I basically walked right into this information! If I have to say anything about what I am going to tell you, I would describe it as the biggest shananagans … since the streakers, that is! Anyway, getting back on track, I was chatting with a reliable source, would you expect any less? So they told me that a group of senior girls made their way to Cabo this past week. They were having the time of their life partying in the coolest bars and clubs. Then one night, don’t ask me how it happened, but they started hanging out with one of the coolest NBA stars of all time, literally. Basically, the whole night they danced and partied with him. Later on he asked them to come back to the condo he was renting. The girls made their way to the Star’s party pad and, well, let’s just say our NBA Star got “cozy” with one of our own. No lie!

“Where did that luggage go?”Obviously, spring break is for fun in the sun: tanning, out of control partying and, every girls dream, new clothes! Well, here is the deal: so these spring break girly girls took the idea of new clothes to a whole new level. For the whole week before, the fearless five went to various hot spots: Nordstrom, Neimans, J.Crew, Arden B., which were only some of the many places where they stocked up on heels, baby doll dresses and bathing suits. As break came closer, they stuffed all their new belongings into their plush suitcases. However, once they arrived at the airport, they tried to take their bags onto the plane. I mean come on! Anyone would realize the fact that they would be too heavy and bulky for the overhead compartments. So, after checking their bags, they headed over to security with their legal sized carryons. The week came and went, and the girls tearfully boarded the plane. Upon arriving at the Philadelphia International Airport the girls headed over to the baggage claim, not to mention this is now 3 a.m. after layovers and such, the conveyer belt started and the girls perused all over belt four. The overstuffed bags were nowhere to be found! So, about an hour later, they headed over to the dreaded “Lost Baggage” area and gave all their information, only to wait for a phone call saying their packed bags would be sent to their Villanova addresses later in the week. Way to turn a loss into a win!

“St. Clare, not so saintly!”Outta control! I recently got a call from a blonde bombshell, obvi no names mentioned! She couldn’t wait to tell me her news, and, well, I clearly couldn’t wait to hear it, a true gossiper, of course! So anyway, she told me that her roommates and her just did the craziest thing ever! They put a stripper pole in their apartment. Ah! I know that’s how I reacted too. But hold on, that’s not all; she then went on to explain that there is not only a stripper pole in her room, but there is also a “Make-out tally sheet” posted right next to it! I’m assuming on the fridge? Just like every other childhood A+ assignment that came home from school. Basically, the four girls living in the St. Clare abode gain points for their hookups, etc. Insane idea? Sure, why not! So what does this have to do with spring break? Helllooo! They went to San Diego, Cali., scoping out the hottest bars and, of course, the most gorgeous men! I mean, I think you can infer that the list’s tally is now full, well, I mean, their St. Clare door is always open!

“Short Shorts”•Spring breakers made their way through security only to have their makeup almost confiscated. What is a girl to do?! All is well! They checked the makeup and went on their way!•When asked what a male Villanova student did over spring break, he said, spring break? I went to Mardis Gras already! Plus, it’s all about this weekend: St. Patrick’s Day and my birthday – that is the real spring break!•Rumor has it that all the Acapulco spring breakers only hooked up with Villanova spring breakers.Apparently other school just aren’t good enough. OBVI!