MBB: Big East Power Rankings (Week 18)

Kyle Scudilla


1. No. 8 Georgetown: 26-6 (13-3)

An impressive showing in New York City earned the Hoyas a No. 2 seed in the East region and what seems like a favorable draw until the Elite Eight. (Previous rank: 1)

2. No. 12 Pittsburgh: 27-7 (12-4)

It’s put up or shut up time for the Panthers. No. 3-seeded Pitt has flamed out early in the last couple of NCAA tournaments and hasn’t been to the Elite Eight since 1974. (Previous rank: 2)

3. No. 16 Louisville: 23-9 (12-4)

Here’s where the seeding mistakes by the committee can hurt a team. The Cards are one of the nation’s hottest teams, but thanks to their lower-than-expected No. 6 seed, they’ll have to face Texas A&M in round two. (Previous rank: 3)

4. No. 17 Notre Dame: 24-7 (11-5)

Notre Dame put on a great offensive display against Syracuse in the Big East tournament. Because they rely on a streaky perimeter game, the Irish could either lose in the first round or surprise a lot of people. (Previous rank: 5)

5. No. 20 Marquette: 24-9 (10-6)

Marquette, once the darlings of the Big East, didn’t finish too well and got saddled with an eighth seed. The Tom Crean vs. Tom Izzo (student vs. teacher) opening matchup will be talked about ad naseum this week. (Previous rank: 4)


1. No. 3 Connecticut: 29-3 (16-0)

Despite losing to Rutgers in the Big East final, the Huskies’ undefeated record in regular season conference play earned them a No. 1 seed. They will be one of the “top dogs” in the tourney, lame pun intended. (Previous rank: 1)

2. No. 15 Rutgers: 22-8 (12-4)

Rutgers got off to a slow start this season, hurting from the loss of star Cappie Poindexter, but rallied in a big way in conference play to snag a No. 4 in the Big Dance. (Previous rank: 2)

3. No. 19 Marquette: 25-6 (12-4)

The Golden Eagles stumbled a bit in the second half of the season, but regrouped enough for some key wins to earn a No. 6 seed. They’ll take on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in the first round. (Previous rank: 3)

4. No. 23 Louisville: 26-7 (10-6)

After a solid win against West Virginia, the Cardinals got absolutely blown out by UConn for the second time this season to get bounced from the Big East Tournament. They’ll take on BYU in the NCAAs as a No. 6 seed. (Previous rank: 4)

5. Pittsburgh: 23-8 (10-6)

Pittsburgh got knocked out in the first round of the Big East tournament, which is probably a prime reason why it fell to a No. 8 seed despite winning 10 games in the Big East. (Previous rank: NR)