Tasty recipes for summer salads

Lauren Curmi

The end of the semester brings with it countless hours of studying, a lack of sleep and quick and easy food choices that often aren’t rich in nutrients. So when you have a moment to actually think about making a meal, here are some summer salad recipes that are sure to please the palate. The cranberry, walnut and bleu cheese salad is the perfect combination of flavors. This step is optional but tastes great: in a small frying pan, add a little water and a few sliced granny apples. Let the apples heat up and add a teaspoon of brown sugar. Later add your walnuts, and stir the mixture. You can continue to add brown sugar for three minutes or so or until the walnuts look plump. Then remove the walnuts, and set on a plate to cool. Fill a bowl with mixed greens, and add a handful of Craisins for a fresh, tart flavor. Then sprinkle crumbed bleu or gorgonzola cheese on top. Lastly, when completely cool, add your caramelized walnuts and apples. Your dressing can be prepared by mixing balsamic vinegar, olive oil, a teaspoon of raspberry jam and a dash of salt and pepper.

Another great salad option is the baby spinach, pear and goat cheese salad. Prepare a bowl of fresh baby spinach. Add small pieces of sliced ripe pear. Walnuts or pine nuts can be added for extra protein and flavor. Lastly, sprinkle goat cheese on the salad. The balsamic and olive oil dressing listed above can be used. These salads are great with chicken as well. Enjoy.

So jump start your healthy-eating kick with some tasty salad creations!