The Bean becomes new ‘Craze’

Meredith Davisson

The coffee shop formerly known as The Bean, adjacent to the Villanova train station on campus, has changed ownership. The café, popular as a place for Villanova students to buy items that the University itself does not or will not sell, is now named Caffé Craze.

Caffé Craze opened last week under its new name. Dawn Lewis, its new owner, bought the shop this summer. Alterations began in July since the café is not open during the summer.

In addition to the change in décor, there is an entirely new menu.

However, Caffé Craze serves the same brand of free-trade coffees and teas that The Bean did. It also still sells condoms, cigarettes, rolling paper, chewing gum and energy drinks.

When asked if changing the name would alter students’ view of the Villanova tradition of the coffee shop, Lewis said, “It’s important to respect what was there and add to it but not dismiss it. Embrace change and always evolve and improve.”

The name of the café originates from another new item on the menu: an all-natural, gourmet brand of chai tea that Lewis has developed and marketed herself since her move from Seattle 10 years ago.

She sells her chai wholesale to other coffee shops and gourmet food stores in the area and also sells individual bottles in the train station.

Lewis is looking to nationalize her brand of Caffé Craze specialty beverages.

The biggest challenge for Caffé Craze is the water run-off problem under the train overpass.

Lewis said she plans to work with PennDOT to eliminate the problem. She also wants to put gravel down so that more tables and chairs can be placed there for students and customers to use.

Caffé Craze is open every weekday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is closed on weekends and campus holidays.