The fashion faux pas is (or could potentially be) dead!

Maria Bobila

One of the most popular sections of Glamour Magazine is “Dos & Don’ts.” You know, where fashionistas are applauded for their approved styles of choice, while the fashion victims are stamped with that censored black bar over their face in order to hide their identity for such a crime. Yes, it’s entertaining, and yes, when I do happen to see a fashion victim right before my eyes, I say under my breath, “Glamour don’t!” 

But I’m sure with a few of my past thrift store purchases – Doc Martens, raggedy flannel shirts, light-washed denim jackets – spectators ask themselves, “Is that girl a Courtney Love fan, an aspiring lumberjack or just straight out of the ’90s?”   

Villanova University is quite the venue for a few debatably fashionable pieces: UGGs, popped collars (thankfully, this trend has died down through my four years here), Burberry everything and anything, silver pearls, the hottest brand of denim jeans and those Vera Bradley bags that look like a Persian rainbow threw up on it. Okay, maybe that last part was a little bit harsh, but it’s what makes our school have a distinct and recognizable style, and for that, kudos. 

Let’s face it – some of our clothing choices result in a few fashion faux pas here and there, and since we don’t live in the NYC area, we should dress for our own tastes and not for the editors of Glamour. We all have our valid reasons for what we wear: UGGs because we tread from South or West Campus to Main Campus during the cold and wintry months; Vera Bradley bags because we happen to conveniently hold a pseudo-kiosk for them at our University Shop; Doc Martens because I happen to have an affinity for all things random and cheap. Whatever the case may be, style is meant to catch people’s eyes, and fashion is made for breaking the rules. 

But we happen to live in a visually judgmental society where tabloids are suddenly fashion experts, criticizing a celebrity’s outfit during a quick Starbucks run, and every TV network is doing style makeovers for that mother of four who’s “let herself go.” All of this has caused us to be brainwashed with fear that Regina George is going to think, “That is the ugliest skirt I’ve ever seen.” 

My mother has always taught me during those moments when I was hesitant to step out of the house that wearing your clothes with confidence is a sure bet to pull something off. No white shoes after Labor Day, no black with navy, always wear nude pantyhose with your short-length business skirt suit, make sure your purse color matches your shoes – throw those rules out the window! Confidence is key. Remember the wise words of our little orphan Annie, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” As cheesy as it may sound, it’s true. Wear what you please because your wardrobe defines who you are and nobody likes a fake.  

But I have to admit, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wearing matching denim outfits for a red carpet photo-op back in the day: hot mess.