Can you do it?



Lauren Piro

Every year it happens – Orientation begins and new students, whether excited, nervous or a little bit of both, open themselves to a fresh chapter in their lives. Tradition finds a way to continue, and memories are destined to be made with the discovery of new friends and experiences.This time is not only enjoyed by freshmen, however. Many returning Villanovans see the coming of the school year as not only the continuation of their own lives and legacies, but also as a time to celebrate and reflect on their days as shy “Orientees.” For many, their lives at Villanova today were determined by the relationships they formed within their first few days at school.Senior Caitlin Sidley could not imagine a college experience different than that which has been defined by the friends she found in her Orientation group. “I actually met almost all of my best friends in my Orientation group, and we are all really good friends now,” Sidly says, fondly recalling her days in Group 43.Sidley even refers to friends by nicknames they received during Orientation, noting that she’s still roommates with “Enigmatic Elise” and eventually became an Orientation counselor with another good friend, “Pistol Pat.” This year, she was on the Steering Committee for the program and has helped countless other new students form bonds like she did.Little did you know that while your OC was making you dance the bugaloo yet again, you were actually setting the stage for the most important part of your college career.It is obvious that the job of those oh-so-enthusiastic OCs lies deeper than just trying to make new students excited about entering Villanova. It is about fostering the bonds within the community that truly makes Villanova – and Orientation – what it is.Orientation is over for this year, but the ties made with other new students are only beginning. It is clear that no freshman should discount those who were with them their first days of stepping into an entirely new life. They may be your closest bonds and outlets to a great four years.”I thought I would be too cool for Orientation, and for a day or two I acted like it,” Sidley says. “But I finally gave in, opened up and now I’m so glad that I did. Now I’m glad I get to help others build those relationships that will be their support system and contribute to their awesome time at Villanova.”