10 Totally random questions for …

Chelsea Woods

1. What is one album you think everyone should have on their iPod?”Dizzy Up the Girl” by the Goo Goo Dolls. They have good, motivating, soothing songs that can be played in any setting. It’s a fun album.

2. What is your favorite thing to do while procrastinating work?Facebook! And AIM. I like to look up old friends from home and see what they’re up to, chatting with them and seeing how they’re doing.

3. If you could be James Bond in any of the movies, which one would you be?While Daniel Craig was really good in “Casino Royale,” no one beats Sean Connery in “Dr. No.” I like it because he is the personification of what it means to be a male. He’s very suave and confident. He also gets the girl in that one, like always. Honey Rider. She’s very hot.

4. Who is your secret celebrity crush?The beautiful Rachel McAdams. I’d totally date her.

5. Why? I fell in love with her when I saw “Wedding Crashers.” She is perfection and the total package.

6. “Grey’s Anatomy” or “The Office,” and why?”The Office,” definitely. It makes me laugh so hard. I enjoy the comedy better than the dramas. My good buddy is from Scranton, and he won’t shut up about it, so I have to go with “The Office.” “Grey’s Anatomy” is a girl show, anyway.

7. My favorite junk-food pleasure is …Fruit Roll-Ups! That strawberry taste is amazing. They’ve been my favorite since I can remember. I always made my mom buy them when we’d go to the supermarket.

8. What is the most exciting part of being a senior?The most exciting part is that I get to have more leadership roles on campus and within the VU community. I feel like I have the opportunity to have more influence on and around campus. I get to meet a lot of people from the positions of leadership I hold.

9. What is the strangest job you’ve ever held in your life?When I was 17, I was in charge of making coffee, popcorn, pretzels and funnel cakes at a baseball stadium. One time, The Killers were playing at the ballpark, and a bunch of drunken British guys came and danced in front of our stand and tipped us $100. Moral of the story is: Don’t eat ballpark food.

10. What are your favorite memories here at ‘Nova? 1. Freshman year, I rushed the court with everyone else after we beat the No. 2 team in the country, Kansas. Getting home from this game involved a three-hour commute through a blizzard from the Wachovia Center. This was the best and most exhilarating sporting event I have ever experienced because we destroyed a team that was one of the best teams in the country, and this game launched the Villanova program back into national prominence. 2. Directing the basketball lottery campout last year. I helped plan and execute a campout for about 825 students. A lot of time went into it, and I have never experienced so much craziness and excitement in my entire life. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will always remember. 3. Being an RA. I have had tremendous experiences with the residents in Stanford last year and with the residents this year in Katharine. I learn so much from them, and, hopefully, they learned from me. I hope I was able to help them grow as adults as well as feel a part of the Villanova family.