10 Totally random questions for …

Chelsea Woods

1. How did you get to manage the women’s team?I met a girl on the team who had walked on after managing the women’s team, Claire Hannenberg. We got talking about basketball, and she told me to e-mail the team’s assistant coaches, who told me to show up to practice. I did just that, and the rest is history.

2. What does your job entail?Basically, I get the water for practice, get out the balls, put everything away after practice, keep the clock for different drills and rebound for the players. When I travel with the team, I give out water on the bench, collect the warm-up shirts. I also set up breakfast. Basically I help make sure they have whatever they need.

3. What’s it like being able to practice with the team?I’ve only practiced with them twice so far, and it’s a challenge. It’s a much higher level of play than high school. The ball movement is so much quicker. Everyone’s thinking one step ahead of what one would think of in high school. There is a heightened awareness of what’s happening on the court. Keeping up with that is challenging. But I love it.

4. How long did your basketball career last?I picked up a basketball in third grade and never looked back. It ended my senior year in high school as co-captain and co-MVP of my high school’s varsity girls’ team.

5. What was your best basketball memory?There are 19 seconds left in the game; we’re down by two. The other team is on the free-throw line shooting one-and-one. The girl misses, and I get the rebound and get fouled. So now I’m shooting one-and-one. I hit both free throws and send the game into overtime. We were playing Medway, our rival. In overtime, my senior co-captain and I scored the points that won us the game.

6. Favorite coach?My favorite coach was Kate Horseman. She coached me in AAU, Amateur Athletic Union, during my freshman and sophomore years of high school. She was really intense; she always challenged me and pushed me as a player to improve my skills and increase my passion for the game. We’re still friends to this day, and she came to my high school games to cheer me on. We just have a really good relationship on and off the court.

7. Defense or offense?I like playing defense better because of the whole mentality of bearing down, getting low and slapping the floor, just begging the opponent to throw their best at you.

8. Reffing or coaching?I enjoy both, but I prefer coaching because I enjoy being able to pass on my basketball knowledge to the younger kids and to help them improve so they have more fun. When you’re reffing, you can’t always correct them; you can just blow your whistle. But as a coach, you can talk to them and help them understand how to improve and not make the same mistake.

9. Favorite memory from coaching?My favorite memory was when I taught my team the pick-and-roll, which is an on-the-ball screen. The best part was when they used it in the last few seconds of a game to win it.

10. Who is your favorite NBA player?My favorite NBA player is Shane Battier of the Houston Rockets. He hustles and plays great defense. He consistently has a high number of assists but is not the highest scorer. He moves the ball well and is an all-around great team player.