Stars concert wows fans at Trocadero

David DeFina

Montreal indie-pop band Stars recently performed in Philadelphia at the Trocadero Theater on Arch Street, an intimate venue for any act.

I arrived at “the Troc” an hour before the show started, ensuring a fantastic spot in the crowd.

I had previously seen the band at an outdoor music festival two years ago, and I was a bit concerned how Stars would fare in this type of venue.

However, Stars surpassed all expectations with a highly impressive performance.

Bell X1 opened the show with an enjoyable yet forgettable set.

Thankfully, Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan led Stars out blaring, and I realized how misplaced my fears had been.

Stars opened with “The Night Starts Here” and never looked back.

They played an eclectic variety of songs, jumping all over the rock-pop spectrum, with expert lighting and stage effects at the Trocadero’s small venue, creating an immersive experience.

As I stood a mere 20 feet from the stage, Campbell seemed less like a relatively unknown indie musician and more like Morrissey.

Indeed, the influence of the Smiths can be felt in several Stars tracks.

Stars took some time to sample a few tunes off of their new EP, “Sad Robots” – a break from the norm that the audience ate up.

Although I had seen Stars before, I would be lying if I had thought they were going to be this good in concert.

With such an overall fantastic performance at the Trocadero, Stars impressed me and the rest of the crowd.