Tunes to keep you going

Molly Schreiber

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we notice the cues and the clues that alert us of our celebratory obligations.

Arguably, the most arduous and time-consuming of these responsibilities is finding our respective ways back home in time for the seasonal festivities.

After booking flights, arranging car pools or even convincing a family member to make the trek to school and back, the stress can be palpable.

In hopes of easing that holiday stress, The Villanovan has compiled a series of 10 songs that can help you recoup.

Instead of the traditional traveling-themed songs (a la “Leaving on a Jet Plane”), we have some more modern suggestions for your holiday travels.

Rusted Roots’ “Send Me on My Way” will set the perfect traveling tone for any medium of transportation. Without an overwhelming number of instrumentals or vocals, the song will calm your heart rate and allow you to begin your seasonal unwinding process.

Jack Johnson’s “Gone,” in keeping with the theme, will take on the role of the send-off song.

Whether you’re merging onto the highway or departing from the tarmac, his pure vocals and mellow strumming will contribute to a relaxing trip home.

As you begin to distance yourself from school and reminisce about your weekend exploits, the Traveling Wilburys’ “Last Night” will help with the transition into vacation mode.

As the adrenaline begins to pump in the first phase of your trip, the Beatles’ “Day Tripper” will be a welcome throw-back sing-along for all travelers involved despite generational gaps or genre prefrences.

For all of those who believe in Christmas songs before Thanksgiving, this would be an ideal time for a Jackson Five rendition of “I Saw Mommy Kissin’ Santa Claus” or Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

For those scrooges with less holiday spirit, take a few moments of silence in lieu of Christmas cheer.

As the journey continues, a wave of fatigue may kick in.

Blues Traveler’s “Run Around” will be the perfect song to rest your eyes and tap your toes to.

After you’ve gotten a little rest, the seventh track is the perfect slot for the quintessential road-trip song: Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.”

While it is the only song in the playlist that doesn’t contain a traveling reference, it’s presence in the set list is non-negotiable.

No matter who you are traveling with, the song is a crowd pleaser that is sure to make anyone belt out a chorus or two.

With your blood still pumping from Billy Joel’s musical genius, you’ll be ready for another catalog favorite.

Dave Matthews’ “Tripping Billies” will provide the comfort of an old favorite as well as continuity in the travel/trip theme.

As you get closer to your destination, a wave of excitement (or dread) washes over you. A little optimism from Wilco’s “Nothing’severgonnas-tandinmyway(again)” will lend you a sense of confidence and hope for the final leg of your journey.

As the final push toward home commences, Kanye West’s “Homecoming” is the obvious (albeit cliché) choice.

As you pull into your driveway or step out of the plane, the shameless cheesiness of the final song might just, whether you like it or not, put a smile on your face.