Screen Actor’s Guild Awards

Alex Criscione

Awards season is here once again. More exciting than who actually won the awards is what they were wearing! Designers really stepped it up and so did the nominees. This season is all about vibrant colors and sparkly jewels. Take a look at who should be nominated for best dressed

Eva Longoria

Looked great in her peach gown. It was the perfect complement to her skin tone and hair color. She looked stunning as usual.

Kate Winslet

Looked absolutely beautiful in this blue gown. It was really nice to see her in some color after the plain black dress she wore to the Golden Globes awards

Anne Hathaway

Her off-white Grecian style gown looked great and the jeweled neckline and waistline created an air of glamour.

Kyra Sedgewick

Although it was one of the plainer gowns on the red carpet, she looked chic in the vintage Chanel dress.

Claire Danes

Danes mirrored the color of the red carpet in this attention-grabbing dress. The elegant silhouette allowed her to stand out.

Evan Rachel Wood

Wood’s use of color was nothing short of visionary. Her purple accessories perfectly complimented her teal gown.