SGA Special: Daniel Gelwicks and Spencer Curtis

Julie Balzarini

Juniors Dan Gelwicks and Spencer Curtis are running for student body president and vice president, pledging to act as an unbiased liaison between students and university officials.

You’ve probably seen them outside the Oreo in their red campaign T-shirts, meeting students and handing out lollipops and buttons with their impressively sized campaign team.

“The offices we are running for are student body president and vice president, not just SGA president and vice president,” Curtis said. “That’s one of the roles we will have, but we are here for the general student body.”

“We realize the need for the distinction between these two roles more than any other ticket and that sets us apart,” Gelwicks said.

While SGA will be their main focus, Gelwicks and Curtis say they will also be involved in the Senate, other university committees, and have direct contact with many individual administrators.

Gelwicks is involved in Campus Ministry as a member of the Liturgical Council, Freshman Escape Leader and Search Retreat leader. He has also worked his way to becoming one of the Intramural Commissioners within the Recreation Department of Athletics.  He is currently the chairman of the Concerns and Issues Committee within the Administrative Relations Department of SGA, which was honored as SGA Committee of the Year both years he served on it.

Curtis is a Resident Assistant on West Campus. He is a two-year member of Villanova’s Blue Key Society and has participated in a Service Break trip to Slidell, La. Curtis is actively involved in Villanova’s cheerleading and sports marketing programs, which have created strong relationships and ties to Villanova athletics.  He annually participates in a myriad of intramural sports and helps out with women’s club volleyball.

“Dan is running internally as a member of SGA, and I have the outside student perspective,” Curtis said. “We feel that combination works well.”

Their platform focuses on bringing unity through experience as leaders on campus, utilizing their widespread involvement to bring the student body together.

“We have friends in many different organizations on campus,” Gelwicks said. “We really feel between the two of us we can connect with every group.”

Their platform includes goals in athletics, academics, communication, residence life, dining services, public safety, career services, technology and the Coke partnership.

One of their ideas is to continue Gelwick’s current SGA project of automating housing selection.

“It’s definitely something that will affect every single student,” Gelwicks said. “I think it helps that I’ve been involved with it from the beginning.”

Another component of their platform is to get faculty to put their syllabi up on the course description page during registration so students can get a better feel for what a class is like.

“Offering more details about class specifics would help students with class registration,” Gelwicks said.

“We want students to know exactly how the class is structured,” Curtis said.

They also plan to be fully involved with the new Coke partnership, and have spoken with Tim Dietzler, director of Dining Services about improving Coke’s sponsorships at student events around campus.

Athletics is another important issue for Gelwicks and Curtis. They see sporting events as a way to unite the campus and think every sport needs to be addressed and should be well-attended.

“We’d like to see some more tailgating locations allowed for football games,” Curtis said. “We want them to be a social event that everyone attends.”

Other specific plans include adjusting the finals schedule, working to implement a SEPTA student pass program for Villanova students, adding more off-campus shuttles, and increasing the reliability of wireless Internet throughout the residence halls.

“It’s bigger than the two of us,” Gelwicks said. “It’s about bettering all the students’ lives.”