Weekly ‘American Idol’ Rankings: Top 13

John Sturgeon

With the controversial semifinal format finally over with, “American Idol” has a top 13 for the first time ever. Here is the first installment of the power rankings, taking a look at who has the best chance to win:

The Pretenders

13. Michael Sarver

This down-to-earth family man captured America’s votes in the semifinal stage. However, with little range and versatility in his voice, he will not be on for long.

12. Jasmine Murray

She has a great marketable look that the judges love but has chosen the wrong song twice already. She must play to her strengths to survive for much longer.

11. Kris Allen

His likeable personality and surprisingly good take on a Michael Jackson classic along with the votes of young females, earned him his spot. However, his vocals need to improve for him to stand out.

10. Megan Joy Corkrey

The judges loved her enough to choose her as a wildcard. Her unique voice, performance style and looks might allow her to hang around for a few weeks.

9. Matt Giraud

Chosen as a wildcard thanks to his strong vocal talent on his bluesy performance last week, Giraud comes off as cocky, overdoes his performances and has proven himself to be inexperienced in his song and attire selections. If he can put the whole package together, he might be a dark horse.

Dark Horses

8. Jorge Nuñez

The Puerto Rican’s powerful version of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” captured the hearts of America and the judges. With the audience behind him and his confidence surely rising, he is a contestant to watch this season.

7. Scott MacIntyre

The blind singing sensation has proven to be a more than capable performer and an inspiration to all. If he can improve his vocals and work the piano into his performances, Scott can make an impact.

6. Anoop Desai

Energetic, youthful and incredibly fun to watch, Anoop has the personality and charisma of a winner. Whether he will turn out to be the winner remains to be seen, but his journey will be enjoyable to watch.

5. Alexis Grace

With great control of her voice and a sexy confidence about her, this young mother has the wherewithal to win the competition with her beautiful voice.

4. Allison Iraheta

This dyed redhead’s exceptional take on Heart’s “Alone” showed off her voice’s rocking potential. It will be interesting to see the choices this 16 year-old makes as she has the chops to win the whole thing.


3. Danny Gokey

That a man could lose his wife just last year and still have the motivation to make it this far shows a lot about his character. Gokey unquestionably has a great voice and natural performing ability that will take him a long way in this competition.

2. Adam Lambert

With a theatrical background, a unique look and an incredible voice, Lambert is a recording artist in the making and the question will only be what genre fits his voice best. This competition will hopefully provide that answer.

1. Lil Rounds

With tremendous stage presence and an impeccably versatile voice, Lil Rounds will have a deal waiting for her at the end of this competition regardless if she wins. Nevertheless, it will be fun to watch this talent grow throughout the competition.