A Guy’s Guide to Sunglasses

Kevin D'Angelo

As Good Ole’ Mr. Sun shows his face around Villanova more frequently, students readily anticipate the warm weather’s permanent stay. As is always the case, students begin to embrace the summer culture as early as they possibly can. One of the typical summer accessories to make an appearance as early as February is a pair of sunglasses. Nothing says “Yeah, bro, I’m so pumped for the beach,” quite like sporting a fresh pair of shades while walking through the quad on a sunny afternoon. Unfortunately, guys don’t really have as many acceptable options as girls when it comes to sunglasses, so here are a few do’s and don’ts for guys to consider when shading their eyes from those dangerous ultra-violet rays.

Though I am fairly certain Villanova does not offer any type of course in aviation and aeronautics, some students still possess an incomprehensible loyalty to their three-year old pair of Aviators. Aviators were at the forefront of the retro scene four to five years ago. Wearing aviators used to show original style. Now, they just make you blend in with the crowd or stick out for the wrong reasons. If you are still attached to this trend, then by all means, continue to rock those aviators; however, for the less certain of you, let the aviators go. Save them for when your son thinks they’re cool again.

Another precaution to consider when purchasing shades this season is not to follow the footsteps of your favorite rapper/hip-hop artist, namely, Kanye West. Kanye West popularized his “shutter-shades” back last fall with the music video for his hit single “Stronger.” What I cannot seem to understand is why anyone is still wearing them? The shutter-shades possess an obvious flaw in design, and wearing them is neither really funny nor original anymore. So please, stay away from the shutter shades, and find something more suitable.

Anyone who is truly in tune with the hippest trends can be certain to be protecting their eyes (and street credibility) with a pair of classic Wayfarer shades. These shades provide sufficient coverage while simultaneously giving off an intelligent and sophisticated appearance. Perhaps the motive for guys to wear a pair of black Ray Ban Wayfarers is a secret hope that girls are going to see in them, some resemblance of Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Although wayfarers are a great pair of sunglasses to own, one must approach purchasing a pair with prudence and caution. For example, cheap and cheesy neon wayfarers are not cool, unless you’re wearing them at a family wedding. Additionally, the two-tone wayfarer is a real stretch for a guy to wear. Your best bets with Wayfarers are classic black and tortoise shell.