Summer Fashion Guide: How To Style Your Summer


Courtesy of Devin Toolen

This @Scarlett.and.Sam crochet top pairs perfectly with denim shorts and mini heels.

Devin Toolen, Staff Writer

The summer season is right around the corner. With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, it’s time to pack up winter clothes and break out the light and airy summer styles. Social media users across all platforms have been making predictions and posting content about what fashion styles to expect in the coming months. Gen-Z style icon Emma Chamberlain recently posted a “what I’m wearing this summer” video to her YouTube channel, highlighting the many clothing items and styles that she wants to incorporate into her summer wardrobe. Other popular online personalities have done the same thing, giving the general public a good idea of what to look out for in fashion this summer. With that, let’s examine some hot trends, styles and articles of clothing that will be essential this summer. 

First, a staple to any summer wardrobe is a good pair of denim shorts. As Chamberlain described in her YouTube video, the jean shorts and tank top combination is the perfect simple everyday outfit. Quality denim shorts, however, can be hard to find. Vintage Levi’s are a personal favorite, as they usually fall a bit longer on the leg and provide more coverage. However, these types of shorts can be expensive. Look to Abercrombie instead for a pair of denim shorts that will feel great. A good pair of denim shorts can be dressed up with a satin cami and heels or dressed down with a white tank and New Balance sneakers. 

While mixing and matching tops with bottoms can be enjoyable, it is sometimes annoying to have to figure out which pieces work together and which do not. To avoid stress of making sure an outfit matches, look into wearing matching sets this summer. Matching sets usually consist of a top and bottom that feature the same pattern or color. Sometimes, these sets have a third piece, which could be a sweater or cardigan that also matches. One type of set that will be popular this summer is the cami top with a matching satin midi skirt. Also, be on the lookout for short sleeve button-up tops with matching drawstring shorts. These types of sets will be great for a hot summer day. To find matching sets, try shopping at Zara, ASOS or even Cotton On. 

Matching bathing suit sets will also be huge this summer. This would include a bikini top, bottoms and a sarong of the same pattern. These types of sets have been all over Pinterest summer boards. The new brand Cool Is A Construct makes these types of sets, as well as Emily Ratajkowski’s clothing brand Inamorata. For cheaper options, try Abercrombie or Blackbough Swim. Patterned matching bathing suit sets will make one look and feel put together while hanging out on the beach. 

Another style that is certain to make a big statement this summer is crochet. Crochet tops, bags, dresses and even hats have become high demand fashion pieces over the past few months. Instagram account @Scarlett.and.Sam makes adorable crochet tops that look perfect with staple denim shorts. Also, for stylish crochet bags, check out @NicolinaClothing on Depop. Nicolina crochet bags feature fun patterns like checkerboard or yin and yang, and they would look so cute with a summer outfit. 

Accessories are essential elements to any outfit, and this summer, try to take risks with the pieces worn. Thanks to TikTok icons Suede Brooks and Victoria Paris, layered, chunky and colorful necklaces are trending and will be a big hit this summer. The necklace that Brooks and Paris constantly sport is from jewelry designer Martha Calvo, and it features pearls, gold chains and assorted charms. These necklaces are quite expensive. However, if looking for a similar style while not trying to break the bank, check out ShopGeminiJewels on Etsy. This style necklace is also quite easy to make. Check out Michael’s for charms and other jewelry-making items to create a unique interpretation of the iconic Martha Calvo necklaces. 

As for shoes this summer, try to find a perfect pair of mini heels to wear with any look. Heeled mules will be very popular this summer thanks to the Gucci rubber sandals that recently gained popularity. Jeffery Campbell also makes mules like these for a fraction of the price. Check out stores like Lulu’s, ASOS or even a department store like Nordstrom for a great pair of mini heels. In terms of sneakers, replace the white platform Supergas or Air Force 1s with a pair of New Balance 990s. These comfortable shoes will pair perfectly with denim shorts or even a sundress.