Kappa Delta hosts third annual Greek games

Katie Eder

Kappa Delta sponsored its third annual Greek Games or Shamrock Philanthrophy at Sheehan Beach on Oct. 2 to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America.

The Greek Games pitted all of the different Greek chapters against one another in friendly competition. Teams consisted of six members from each fraternity and sorority, at the cost of $72 per team.

For a half hour prior to the event, Kappa Delta held a barbecue for all of the participants.

“In past years, we held the Greek Games inside the gym in St. Mary’s,” said junior Elizabeth Dias, the vice president of public relations for Kappa Delta. “This year, we thought that it would be better to hold the event outside so that we could have a barbecue and try to get the whole Villanova community involved.”

The eight sorority and eight fraternity teams alternated in competing in the four events, including a pie-eating relay, water relay, makeup challenge and bobbing-for-apples relay.

“We wanted to follow more of a fall theme for our events this year, so we added new ones like the bobbing-for-apples relay,” Dias said. “It’s just too bad that the day’s weather didn’t hold out long enough for us to have the Greek teams compete in our big relay race at the end, which was going to involve a water balloon toss that we included in Greek Games last year.”

Each team was designated two members of Kappa Delta to serve as its coaches. The coaches gave the teams instructions prior to the start of each event, and they cheered on the teams as they raced to finish first.

The most comical event to watch was the makeup challenge. For this event, one of the team members had to sit in a chair while another was blindfolded. The other four team members handed different pieces of make-up to the blindfolded team member and, without guiding his or her hands, had to quickly instruct and direct him or her where to put makeup on the seated team member. A few of the outcomes inspired laughter in the crowd.

“I participated in Kappa Delta’s Greek Games last year, too, and I had a lot of fun,” said junior Katie Dickenson, a member of Alpha Delta Pi’s Greek Games team. “I decided to compete in it again because it’s a great way to cooperate with my sisters while helping to raise money for other Greek chapters’ philanthropies. Greek Life is a community, and I’m sure that we all have fun helping each other out at all of our different philanthropy events throughout the year.”

Members of the winning teams of each of the four individual events were able to pick the Kappa Delta that they would like to pie-in-the-face.

While all of the participants were given Greek Games T-shirts, only the two overall winning teams, which were Beta Theta Pi and Chi Omega, were awarded trophies and gift certificates to local businesses.

During the week prior to Greek Games, Kappa Delta held a bake sale and sold raffle tickets at the Oreo to raise money for PCAA.

New for this year, the prize for the raffle was a brand new 27-inch television, which was donated by Main Line sponsors. Kappa Delta also held a Peace-A-Pizza fundraiser where 20 percent of all of the proceeds were donated to PCAA.

“Taking all of our different fundraisers into account, we raised over $3,500 for PCAA,” Dias said. “We raised about the same amount last year, but this year we had more involvement from the Villanova community throughout the week, as well as at Greek Games.”