Comcast distributes adapters

Daina Amorosano

Resident students were no longer able to view channels above 28 without digital adapters as of Nov. 10. The digital adapters, provided in excess of 2,200 by Comcast over the past few weeks, enabled Comcast to provide more high definition channels and features as well as digital picture and sound to the University and surrounding community, according to Director of Network and Communications Robert Mays.

The majority of adapters have already been picked up as of last week, according to Mays.

Comcast has been issuing the upgrade called “World of More” over the past few months throughout Villanova residence halls and the Greater Philadelphia area. The upgrade began at Villanova about a month ago and happened in two waves, the second of which was completed on Tuesday.

“On the practical side, we are taking the expanded basic channel lineup, which is 27 to 99 at Villanova, including USA, MTV and ESPN, and delivering those channels exclusively in digital format as opposed to delivering them via analog technology,” said Jeff Alexander, vice president of public relations for the Eastern Division of Comcast Cable.

In order to receive these channels once the technology is transitioned from analog to digital, customers must connect their televisions to a piece of digital equipment, which Comcast is providing at no cost, according to Alexander.

Comcast has initiated this nation-wide upgrade to create more network flexibility and to be able to deliver more features, according to Alexander.

“CNN via analog technology occupies the same space as 10 digital or three HD channels,” Alexander said. “With the upgrade, we are able to double the demand we offer, as well as increase Internet speed.”

While the equipment is free of charge, it yields a greater value, according to Alexander.

“Immediately, students will have digital quality picture and sound on all channels and access to more than 20 additional channels, such as AMC, Bloomberg TV and Cartoon Network,” Alexander said. “In the future, there will be even more features and enhancements.”

The digital upgrade will not affect the basic channels such as PBS, ABC, NBC and various public access channels, according to Alexander.