No dry toast: meet that mate

Mel Forest

 It was another beautiful day as I possibly ruined a lovely wedding procession while walking by the St. Thomas of Villanova Church with my flippiddy floppies, bathing suit top and towel over my shoulder. I couldn’t help but to think of a few things. One, Villanova should warn us when there’s going to be a wedding. Two, I should sign up my two friends for a spot in the church so that, by the time they graduate, they’ll only have one more year to wait on the list. And three, I’m going to be single “for-ev-er.” That last word should be pronounced as it was in the 1993 childhood film, “The Sandlot.”

Let’s consider some methods for finding that signif-other. You could do what I do and sit alone in the Villanova cemetery crying or go to all available masses, stealthily encroaching upon the cute boys so as to shake their hands during “Peace” time. Maybe you could pretend to be a freshman in a random orientation group or sit with your ear pressed up against the whispering arches, hoping to hear the words, “Be mine.” Should we get our own VTV reality show like Hannah Minx?

The reality of it is over a third of the campus is undoubtedly single and looking for his or her match at parties and bars. However, it may interest you to know, according to a survey administered by yours truly 81 percent of couples met through mutual friends and school activities while completely sober. That’s right friends, everything you know about getting a boyfriend or girlfriend is wrong. Most of the couples who have met at a party or bar consider themselves in relationship limbo —  more than together but less than exclusive. Apparently, people don’t see relationship potential in a person who is dressed in “Jersey Shore”-themed attire and whose pores seep delicious vodka perfume.

Of the 95 people who took the survey, 67 percent said it is difficult to meet people on campus. Yet, everyone has a specific person he or she is curious about. Maybe it’s a person you pass every day on your way to class. You notice him and you know that he notices you, but you’re complete strangers and neither person is willing to introduce himself or herself to the other. Recently, a friend of mine explained that he felt awkward about directly approaching that random someone on campus. From a woman’s perspective, I’d like to think we’d commend a brave soul who would introduce himself and suggest a coffee date…hint hint.

We all wish the make-out tree behind Delurey grew boyfriends and girlfriends. Yet, my past experiences have taught me that making anonymous love letters from the clippings of newspapers doesn’t fly well with the gentlemen either. So maybe it does just take a little bravery to get out there and offer that certain someone a hand with his or her books, a light for his or her cigarette or a note that says, “Do you like me? Check yes or no.”