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Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Hosts Family-Friendly Halloween Party on Campus

Emily Cox Co News Editor October 29, 2019

Nothing seems to scare the University’s administration more than Greek Life. The combination of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters usually spooks the school, but luckily this Halloween season,...

All we want for Christmas … we already got from Villanova

Katherine Silkaitis December 5, 2003

It was a lesson instilled upon our generation at an early age. With every Christmas came a sadness and unwillingness to allow the season to pass. We weren't quite sure how to say, "Goodbye." But, as our...

This Week in Villanova History

Katherine Silkaitis December 3, 2003

University assistant track coach diesBy Leslie CampbellJim Tuppeny, or "Tupp," to those who knew him well, passed away last Sunday due to heart failure resulting from complications due to stomach cancer.The...

Pumpkins, pies and pounds: The skinny on holiday weight

Katherine Silkaitis November 13, 2003

It's Thanksgiving and that plump, golden brown turkey is once again calling your name. Aunt Edna passes the stuffing, while Uncle Joe chases it with some rich, thick gravy. Soon, you fear, Pillsbury won't...

‘Nova’s political climate, hot issues, tepid concern

Katherine Silkaitis September 18, 2003

Two years ago on one fateful summer morning, the world changed forever. While planes struck and buildings crumbled, countries united and strangers embraced. Battles were fought, prayers were said and the...

Hoagie ban controversy unwrapped

Katherine Silkaitis August 28, 2003

Philadelphia sports fans don't put up with much. From booing an old favorite that left on a bad note to letting their current superstar hear it every now and again, Philadelphians demand a good show.And...

Let’s talk communication

Katherine Silkaitis February 20, 2003

Today, students will have the opportunity for one final party before hitting the books this coming midterm week. From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., candidates of Villanova's Communication Honor Society, Lambda Pi...

Little Wildcats prowl campus in University tradition

Katherine Silkaitis January 30, 2003

Once again, the City of Brotherly Love plays host to Villanova's Siblings Weekend. Beginning today, many students will put away the books and become kids again as they welcome younger brothers and sisters...

Behind the sorority scene: Recruitment 2003

Katherine Silkaitis January 16, 2003

While many students traveled, worked or just simply slept late over winter break, Greek Life's annual sorority recruitment called all members and hopefuls back to campus a week early.The activities included...

Continuing the tradition … Merry Christmas, Villanova

Katherine Silkaitis December 6, 2002

Wednesday's tree lighting ceremony once again kicked off the Christmas season on campus. The Villanova tradition of Merry Christmas Villanova Week, which is planned by the Special Events committee of the...

Teacher Feature: Dr. John Huxford

Katherine Silkaitis October 24, 2002

In a distinct British accent, professor John Huxford conducts the grand tour of his St. Augustine office. Decorated in a style that reflects his professional interests and sophisticated demeanor, it immediately...

Greeks and police unite for double-play

Katherine Silkaitis September 12, 2002

Even though the one-year anniversary of Sept. 11 is behind us, our hearts and minds do not forget those lost that fateful day. Rather, we continue to honor them in any way we can. Sunday at 10:30 a.m....

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