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Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Hosts Family-Friendly Halloween Party on Campus

Emily Cox Co News Editor October 29, 2019

Nothing seems to scare the University’s administration more than Greek Life. The combination of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters usually spooks the school, but luckily this Halloween season,...

He’s seen it all

Justin Runquist April 28, 2005

This was the simple yet empowering advice I received during a conversation with Management professor James Glasgow this week. I'll admit I expected the former senior executive to focus more on practical...

Program draws eager investors

Justin Runquist March 31, 2005

Like the opening bell on Wall Street, the mad rush onto Novasis begins on Monday. Before logging on, however, C&F rising seniors should consider registering for one last "great investment:" a year-long...

Dr. Ener challenges us ’til the end

Justin Runquist February 10, 2005

A shiny, bronze plaque once stood on a wall in Falvey Library, proudly acknowledging the life and works of one of the best scholars Villanova has ever called its own.Just 11 days after its erection, that...

What a world of cookies

Justin Runquist January 27, 2005

Sometimes I wish I were a cookie salesman.I don't think this often, but when I do, I feel pretty good about it. Who doesn't enjoy working with cookie dough? Who doesn't love buying and eating a cookie?...

On-campus awareness of a different kind

Justin Runquist November 19, 2004

The galas, the parties, the big events: they never end here at Villanova. And, Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, you've met your match!Drum roll, please. Meet the rich, the sparkling, the self-centered...

Venturing into the ‘poverty theme park’

Justin Runquist November 11, 2004

For some reason yet to be fully determined, we Americans seem to naturally love this whole "theme park" idea.They're real-life fantasy worlds. They're also fun for the whole family. Thank God for a chance...

Service can be a thank-less calling

Justin Runquist November 3, 2004

Dark clouds were looming in the distance. Then again, those clouds creep over Guatemala often enough in October to be considered monotonous.Rain was the last thing on our minds. Our service team had been...

Living la dolce vita in Italy

Justin Runquist September 16, 2004

Life in Italy is sweet.Italians like to debate, but if there's one thing they can agree on, it's that fact. From their bustling cities to their quiet hill towns, from the north to the south, from Venice...

The ultimate professor

Justin Runquist September 2, 2004

I'm an aspiring businessman. And over the past three years, C&F professors have never let me forget that. The financial statements, the stock tickers and arbitrary numbers I punch into my calculator...

Beyond the bars: there’s much more to see in Europe

Justin Runquist September 2, 2004

I still remember staring out into endless horizon of the Atlantic Ocean just a year ago, saying, "I can't believe Europe is out there... somewhere."When deciding to study abroad in Italy last year, that...

Knabb: Liturgical ministry and its impact

Justin Runquist January 15, 2004

Turning the calendar to first week of second semester can be tough.  Unlike summer, we all return with pasty white skin and not much to look forward to.  No orientation or moving into dorms or having...

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