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Travolta on the ‘Basics:’ Inside a Hollywood icon

Jean Ellen Gismervik April 2, 2003

"Basic," John Travolta's latest turn as an unconventional military officer, opened fourth in the box office last week in the midst of a war, but on the heels of Chris Rock and Queen Latifah. It seems that...

Kevin Spacey: The man, the myth, the screen legend

Jean Ellen Gismervik February 13, 2003

Trying to interview Kevin Spacey is a bit like watching a movie. There are no commercial breaks, so you better just get comfortable and hope you don't have to go to the bathroom. Spacey has a way of letting...

‘The Life of’ Laura Linney: Interview with ‘David Gale’ star

Jean Ellen Gismervik February 6, 2003

It’s been almost a year since Laura Linney’s Oscar-nominated role in “You Can Count on Me” catapulted her back into the limelight after turning heads in “The Truman Show” years earlier. Now...

Mix Master Mike is still spinning Beastly rhythms

Jean Ellen Gismervik December 5, 2002

While the Beastie Boys are still in the studio working on their next release, DJ Mix Master Mike, who has spun for the Boys since 1998, is hitting the road. After dropping his fourth solo album, “Return...

Affordability takes the stage

Jean Ellen Gismervik October 25, 2002

If you are like many college students torn between their passion for theatre and a lack of funds, you will be pleased to know that you no longer have to compromise either your theatrical urge or meager...


Dismemberment Plan terrifies Philadelphia’s South Street

Jean Ellen Gismervik October 3, 2002

There was more to D.C.’s The Dismemberment Plan than just being able to rock like a heart murmur on speed and crack mind — numbing jokes between songs at South Street’s TLA last Friday. In fact I...


The Villanovan turns the tide on Boston’s Cave In

Jean Ellen Gismervik September 27, 2002

Since its inception in 1995, Massachusetts' Cave In has been re-infusing the life blood of rock 'n' roll with a larger-than-life sound. With its latest release, "Tides of Tomorrow," dropping Oct. 15, Cave...

Sparta taps Philly

Jean Ellen Gismervik September 27, 2002

I had the chance to sit down with Sparta guitarist Paul Hinojos when the band came to Philadelphia on tour in support of its latest release, "Wiretap Scars." The first full-length album from the El Paso,...

Dismemberment Plan’s ‘change’ will do you good

Jean Ellen Gismervik September 21, 2002

I promise that you have never heard anything like The Dismemberment Plan. I also promise that listening to their latest album "Change" will change the way you understand rock 'n' roll forever. Throw out...

El Paso’s Sparta spices up Philadelphia with a flavor all its own

Jean Ellen Gismervik September 6, 2002

There's something about "Wiretap Scars," Sparta's debut full-length album, that sounds fresh despite the fact that you can't put your finger on any outright formulaic deviations. Bottom line is that Sparta...

Pearl Jam proves grunge may still be ‘alive’ with new tour

Jean Ellen Gismervik August 30, 2002

Eleven years after its landmark album, "Ten," grunge super-group Pearl Jam will release its seventh studio album. The still-untitled disc will drop Nov. 12 with the first single, "I Am Mine," hitting the...

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